Yesterday, the wedding world was going crazy over the most popular engagement ring on Pinterest. And well… I’m sure you can tell why after you see it. Publications like Elle, Hello Giggle, Huffington Post, and Cosmopolitan are giving all the praise to this magnificent Verragio engagement ring photo from none other than, Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee. (click here to shop) This engagement ring garnered over 70k re-pins on Pinterest.  ?   So what are the deets? From the Verragio Venetian collection, this engagement ring setting features a twisted band that showcases two stunning round brilliant accent Read More →

Engagement Ring Selfie Instagram Takeover July 2016 Back with another installment of the best engagement ring selfies of July 2016.  As the engagement ring guru, it’s order job to keep our loyal engagement ring lovers up to speed with the latest and trendiest engagement ring inspo. So take a break from browsing your favorite Pinterest boards for inspiration (even though you may come across these beauties on their also) and check out the hottest engagement ring selfies of 2016! A recap of some of my faves to follow on Instagram are @TheKnot, @TheDiamondGirl and of course our sister accounts @RaymondLeeJwlrs, Read More →

The 10 Diamond Shapes You’ll See In Engagement Rings Are you one of those people whom actually feel overwhelmed when it comes to engagement ring shopping?  Does the huge variety of options out there just feel like way too much sometimes? Many of us women actually don’t know all the details about diamonds and engagement rings so it comes without surprise, really, that this job of finding the perfect ring for you can be a daunting task. To help alleviate some of the stress. Today we’re going to cover the 10 different diamond shapes you’ll see in engagement rings.  Besides Read More →

5 Things To Know About Tiffany Ring Price One of our favorite brands is today’s topic of discussion.  Tiffany & Co. continues to set a precedence amongst others in the high end, luxury jewelry industry.  While we’re all very familiar with their grandiose storefronts that we pass by in our local malls or the Tiffany & Co. Flagship Store on Fifth Avenue in New York. But – There are many important and distinct characteristics of this luxury designer that go without being noticed.  There’s a reason the price tag on that latest Tiffany & Co. piece you wanted is so Read More →

Simple Engagement Ring Ideas for the Classic Bride While some of us can’t get over the Halo style engagement ring trend, let’s face it – sometimes too much bling is just too much for some brides and brides-to-be. If you find yourself eying solitaire settings and gravitating towards engagement rings that only feature a center diamond, you probably fall into this category. Solitaire engagement rings give off a classic and timeless look that has been admired for decades.  A lot of times, less is more, and that’s definitely the case with these simple engagement rings that exude iconic beauty (without Read More →

Spotlight On: David Yurman Engagement Rings David Yurman.  A brand many are familiar with due to them being around for years.  When you think of David Yurman, engagement rings usually are the first thing to come to mind. When you see people rocking David Yurman it’s usually in the form of their classic cable bracelets, earrings and pendant enhancers.  But – today I’m here to show appreciation to another side of the David Yurman jewelry line.  Their bridal collection that deserves a praise of its own. Join me as we take a look into the wild world of David Yurman Read More →

What Her Engagement Ring Diamond Says About Her Personality Think about it, just as your wardrobe says a lot about your personality.  So does that fancy rock on your finger. But what does a woman’s diamond say about her?  Of course, opinions may vary, but I think you will enjoy this interesting perspective.  Find out what your diamond engagement ring says about you. (click here to shop) Round: The round cut diamond is probably the most popular.  Brides who wear this classic shape are traditional and recognize a good thing when they see it.   (click here to shop)   Read More →

The timeless pear shape diamond. While some people have tried to label this elegant diamond shape archaic, that’s far from the truth.  Pear diamond engagement rings have been a classic staple for decades. What makes pear diamonds truly unique, is that each diamond is cut and shaped slightly different from the next.  There are short pear diamonds, elongated pear diamonds, I think you get where I’m going with this. Another great thing about pear diamond engagement rings?  You can get more carat weight at a lower price than you would pay for a round brilliant  diamond.  The shape of pear Read More →

Taking a slight break from engagement rings today to discuss diamond eternity bands vs. non-eternity diamond bands. Normally, when it comes to choosing the rings for your big day, engagement ring is the first that comes to mind. By that point you’ve gathered engagement ring photos for your own inspiration, but what about your wedding band? There are two types of diamond wedding bands: eternity wedding band vs non-eternity wedding band. Well what does eternity band even mean technically, right?  A wedding band is considered to be an eternity band because it has a continuous line of diamonds that wraps Read More →