10 Foods to Shed Those Pounds Before Your Wedding

Most people assume the more calories they burn, or the more weights the lift the slimmer they actually will become. This could be true for the first couple of pounds, but it is all about what you are consuming. Your body is sort of like a machine. If you pollute  your body with junk and then burn it off your body will slowly deteriorate. The list of 10 foods have been scientifically proven to reduce your appetite and naturally stimulate energy!

10 Foods to Shed Those Pounds

1. Cabbage- cabbage is one of those Irish traditional foods that is full of vitamins and antioxidants! There is a plentiful amount of vitamin C which is great for your immune system!

2. Broccoli- This vegetable has a plethora of ways in being prepared. You can steam, bake and even be eaten raw. This isn’t the only advantage to Broccoli though! It is high in dietary fiber which curves your appetite. It is also a great source of calcium for all you vegans out there!

3. Eggs- Eggs have a high source of protein in them. There was a study performed that women who ate 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast consumed less throughout the day then women who had eaten a different food for breakfast. The more protein you pack into your diet the less hungry you will be! You will also be more energized for a workout!

4. Cinnamon- Just a sprinkle of pure cinnamon (not cinnamon sugar) can help maintain your insulin levels. Insulin is one of the factors in why people become hungry. When you consume cinnamon your body is less likely to feel hungry.

5. Olive Oil- The key word oil makes people feel uneasy to adding this supplement to our food, but in reality it is monounsaturated fat which is great for us! This type of fat is unlike fat what-so-ever because it actually helps you burn calories! A study done in Australia showed that women between the ages of 57-73 actually had a spike in their metabolism.

6. Green Tea- Although green tea is known to have ingredients that boost your energy levels that is not why this made the list of foods that help shed the pounds. There is actually something called catechin which help speed up your metabolism and burn fat as well.

7. Beans- Ever heard of something called cholecystokinin? That is the main ingredient in beans. This hormone will become your new best friend. It is a type of hormone that is a natural appetite suppressant. Beans are so high in fiber that eating a can of this will keep you full for hours!

8. Spinach- This is one of the best foods you could possibly eat! Yes it doesn’t have the best consistency or taste, it is definitely acquired, but it is so rich in iron, folic acid, vitamin K and had disease fighting antioxidants. Spinach helps protect your eyes against muscular degeneration too! Eating this instead of lettuce for your salad can be done and not only will it helps you shed those pounds, but it will protect your insides as well!

9. Grapefruit- This is a more popular food in the diet world. It is known that if you eat half a grapefruit each morning or before every meal you are more likely to loose weight faster. It contains phytochemicals that help reduce insulin levels. This also makes your body convert calories to energy more efficiently.

10. Lettuce- This is the universal food! It can be put on a sandwich, eaten by itself as a snack or the best…in a salad. There are such high water levels in lettuce that if you drink 8 cups of water and eat lettuce your body will cleanse itself more easily! Getting Romain lettuce (lettuce with the purple leaves) is said to only have 60-70 calories PER POUND! It is a great source of vitamin B, folic acid, and magnese which helps regulate your blood sugar! This is not only a super healthy weight preventative, but it is low calorie and can be eaten with virtually anything!

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