10 Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

10 Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

How to Travel with Jewelry

No matter where you are going you need to be sure of your surroundings. Traveling can be one of the most dangerous voyages you take if there are some serious sparklers on you. As you scramble to pack your essentials remember these tips before your next escourgeon.  Although many traveling experts recommend leaving your most expensive jewelry pieces at home in a secure place, this doesn’t always want to be the option foe some people. 

1. Use secured vault or the two-key control safety deposit in a hotel. Although it may not seem like the safest option, it is better than leaving your luxury items out in the open. 

2. Check insurance. To make sure your jewelry is completely covered if stolen check with your insurance company to make sure if stolen you will be safe.

3. Be Confident. Most robberies happen to people that are very oblivious to their surroundings. If you keep a nice eye out for possible suspects you will not be attacked.

4. DON’T Take your jewelry off in security line of airport. If you are wearing something that is worth tons of money, the airport security should understand and opt to give you a different type of search.

5. Do not go swimming with anything nice. Your jewelry is very precious! Do not wear it in a chlorinated atmosphere such as a pool, or hot tub. The saltwater from the ocean can also damage precious metals and gems.

6. Do not advertise yourself. We get it you have nice jewelry, if you wear it straight out of the hotel, people will know you obviously have nice jewelry in your room. Just be subtle. 

7. Check your jewelry often. Sometimes we get mute to wearing our rings, watches and earrings. Constantly check to make sure nothing has fallen off, because if so, its probably gone.

8. Don’t let just anyone in your room. Be selective in who you let in your hotel room. Less is more, you don’t want too many people to know about your jewels. 

9. Bring a small luggage safe. There are small pouches you can buy on Amazon that have locking mechanisms. This is a good subtle way to carry jewelry. 

10. Wear it constantly, but don’t show it off. For example an expensive necklace, keep tucked inside our shirt. Wear rings in reverse around bad areas. Just don’t be flashy.

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