14 Reasons to Love Valentine’s Day if You’re Single

14 Reasons to Love Valentine’s Day if You’re Single

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We can all admit that Valentine’s Day can be something we all dread, but sometimes there are reasons to look at the glass half full! If you are alone, single or just not in a Valentine’s mood, we have 15 reasons why you should take full reins of this day and just have fun!

1. A Reason to Connect With Your Friends: On V-Day single ladies tend to group up go out, and have a fun night or day. If you have been stressing over not having the perfect man, just set up a date with your favorite girls and take over the town. If going out for drink and dancing the night away, try going to get mani/pedi’s or a spa day!

2. Good Movie: If you are the type to get reclusive on big holidays, don’t worry! There are tons of romantic comedies, comedies and all around good movies on tonight. Not everyone has a boyfriend so the entertainment industry has really made it easy for us to stay occupied during this holiday.

3. Not Everyone has a Soul-mate: According to The U.S. Census Bureau approximately 96 million Americans that are over 18 have no spouses. This means that 43% of the United States is single! You’re not alone!

4. The Internet: So you’re at home, can’t find a movie you’re getting in to, all your friends are busy. Take advantage of Google! One of the number one thing searched by American’s in the United States is cute animal pictures. If puppies and kittens don’t make your day better we don’t know what will!

5. Chocolate: Okay usually we wouldn’t recommend stuffing your face with chocolate, but this is different, its Valentines Day! Dove has come out with a chocolate line that when you open the wrappings a really sweet, self esteem boosting comment is written inside.

6. Have a “me” Day: Turn Valentines Day into a day that belongs to you! You are the most important person in your life so why not treat yourself to something nice?? Go shopping, get your nails done, find a hobby you enjoy and just spend time doing it!

7. The Gym is Empty: If you are a very active person and usually can’t go to the gym at a certain time of the day, you can today! The gym is cleared out because all those couples are together or on a date. You don’t have to wait for a shower, any equipment and you definitely don’t have to feel those eyes on you while you work out!

8. Lots of Parties: Not everyone has a boyfriend, like I said before 42% of people are single, so that means there will be a lot of ‘single day’ parties! You could meet your soul-mate there, you never know!

9. Get a Head Start on Taxes: Okay so this is pretty boring, but in the long run you have a head start on getting your taxes done! April is when we are supposed to have all our information in, this way you aren’t putting it to the side and waiting until last minute like most people!

10. Dating Site Give Out Discounts: There are over 900 dating sites that rack in millions per year from us, they can also be quite pricy, but on Valentines Day there are great deals for you to take advantage of!

11. Lots of Charity Events: Even though it is the day of love, there are many ways to give back on this Hallmark holiday. Some events being held today are writing  love letter to those in need, serving dinner at shelters, etc.

12. Take a Yoga Class: Breathe in and out, today is only 24 hours. It can be stressful not having a significant other, yoga is a cleanse that releases bad energy and keeps your body, soul and mind in a good place. If you are going through a breakup Anusara-Style yoga is a type of yoga that literally helps you open your heart up again.

13. Go on a Date with Your Closest Guy Friend: If you still want to go out and do all the things couples do, don’t be afraid grab your best guy friend and go on a dinner date and have a night on the town!

14. Adopt an Animal: This could be very spur of the moment, but a lot of animal shelters stay open all day for Valentines Day. Just because you are a dog or cat doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be loved! Make a pet in need very happy on this day!


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