15 of the Most Absurd Things Kim Kardashian has Said

15 of the Most Absurd Things Kim Kardashian has Said

 We all have love deep, deep down somewhere in our hearts for reality tv star Kim Kardashian. And although we will never admit it, out loud at least, we all find her meaningless moments hilarious. We have found 15 of the funniest, most absurd things Kim K has ever said. 

1. That time she insightfully could tell someones soul from their Tumblr page

Kim Kardashian

2. When everyone in her family knows she is most likely to regift something

Kim Kardashian Funny

3. Not an absurd statement, but Kim’s Crying face is everything

Kim Kardashian Crying Face

4. That time Kim’s earrings mattered more than people dying

Kim Lost an Earring

5. When taking selfies was more important than Khloe going to jail

Kim Kardashian selfies

6. That time she actually wore this in public…

Cheetah Pants

7. When she named her first born North West

North West

8. …and North sat front row at Givenchy fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, with her own reserved chair.

Paris Fashion Week

9. When she called herself a Bentley

Kim is a Bentley

10. Oh Kim, we could tell you aren’t very good at history

Kim Kardashian History

11. The fact Kim revealed this is her actual passport photo

Kim Kardashian Passport Photo

12. Giving wise words of advice has never been her strongest suit…

Kim Makeup Advice

13. She’s very open with her relationship

Kim Kardashian and Kanye

14. She can own up to being married for a mere 72 days

Boca Raton

15. We thank you Kim, for having a lot on her plate

Kim being funny

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