15 Beauty Tips You Should Know

15 Beauty Tips You Should Know

Not everyone knows the proper way to care for their skin, hair and nails. Most people assume they can trust what a label tells them! This is completely false! Here are 15 amazing tips that can enhance your overall appearance! Especially before a big day like your wedding! 

15 Beauty Tips You Should Know1.Contouring Bronzer:  A good thing to remember when contouring with bronzer is to suck in your cheeks like a fish and then apply the makeup. Don’t use too much! Remember you can always reapply, taking off bronzer is a much harder concept.

2. How to Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover: If your nail polish is chipped and you don’t have any nail polish remover around, just simply add a thick clear top coat, grab a cotton ball and wipe away! This will remove all of your nail polish!

3. Buy Oil Based Makeup Remover! It sounds silly, but when you buy non-oil based makeup remover it stimulates your sebum glands. This creates more natural oil! When you use oil on oil it reduces the amount of natural oil your skin exerts!

4. Drying Out Pimples: Add toothpaste to the blemish (the mintier the better) this will dry out the pimple and cause it to decrease dramatically.

5. Putting on blush can be a complicated process, to find the perfect area to apply your blush just smile really big with your mouth closed. Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks while still smiling!

6. Keeping Hair Dye From Fading. Deep condition your hair once a month! This will make sure your color sticks better.

7. Invest in Blotting Papers: Blotting papers are sold everywhere from beauty stores to Walmart. Pick up a pack because this will decrease your skins natural oil tremendously.

8. Keep Skin Moisturized: When you first step out of a pool, ocean, lake or shower your body dries itself out. Why? When water touches skin it rinses off all your natural oils, to regenerate these add any moisturizer or lotion after getting wet.

9. Fuller Longer Lashes: Heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer, then curl your eyelashes for approximately 20 seconds. Then apply an equal amount of mascara. If you want a dramatic look add some false lashes AND ADD MASCARA TO THEM!

10. Getting a Close Shave: Your body naturally reacts to steam and hot water by opening pores. If you take a hot shower and then shave you have a super close shave. I have also found if you get the goosebumps and then quickly shave during this you get the best results! A good solution to use while shaving is conditioner. Thi

11.Use Primer!!! This is key! When you use a primer you are locking in your makeup so it wont ruin as the night or day progresses. If you don’t own any primer be sure to use hairspray. Shut your eyes and spray a small amount to your face to keep it from smudging.

12. Get Fuller Lips: Apply a natural colored lip pencil to over the contour of your mouth. Then add a gloss or lipstick. This should give your lips a natural plump!

13. Use Exfoliant: When you use a face wash with rough beads such as an exfoliant you are rinsing away all that dead skin, this brings the soft new baby soft skin to the surface!

14. Finding your Skins Natural Shade: Most people buy the wrong shade of foundation!  If you apply a small amount to your jawline in a natural light this is an easy way to find out your exact match.

15. Reducing the Appearance of Split Ends: Before blowdrying or flat-ironing your hair, make sure to apply a heavy duty hair repair agent. This will dramatically decrease the look of hair breakage and split ends!

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