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Source: via EverDream on Pinterest Jennifer Aniston is finally getting her happily ever after! Earlier this month we had heard rumors that Jen and her beau Justin Theroux weren’t doing too hot – but obviously we were way wrong. Theroux proposed to Aniston, his girlfriend of 18 months, on his 41st birthday. We have yet to see a ring, though. Here are the rings we’d like to see shining on Jennifer’s finger. Source: via EverDream on Pinterest   It’s no secret that Jen is super sleek and glamorous, so this square asscher cut diamond ring fits her perfectly. Source: Read More →

Q & A  – Platinum vs White Gold So… Gold and platinum, eh?  Both metals are used in engagement rings, both are durable & can withstand years of wear. Here’s some common questions with helpful answers… I lean towards white gold engagement rings myself, what about you? Q: What’s the difference?? Is platinum more valuable? If I go with white gold, what do I buy? 14k or 18k? A: For all intense purposes of aesthetics and wear… white gold and platinum are very similar. Platinum’s heavier. It’s also more durable. Platinum is easier to engrave by hand, but that really isn’t Read More →

Source: via EverDream on Pinterest Engagement Necklaces, Bracelets and Antique Jewelry IT’s all very creative, but can there really be a substitute for an engagement ring? The answer…. probably. It all depends on the recipient, don’t  you think. If you meet a woman who has an aversion to rings, or (shutter) diamonds, it becomes more than probable. Neclaces are cool because they are worn near the heart. This way of thinking makes them a rather romantic substitute for an engagemene ring. And if you think you can get creative with a ring, just imagine whats possible with a necklace! Bigger pieces, Read More →

Some Types of Eternity Rings Eternity rings have been seen on the fingers of many women in a variety of  different arrangements and styles. Though the general appearance of the eternity ring is quite simple to spot, there are definitely variations to the piece. A symbol of everlasting love, the eternity ring is something that is extremely important to the woman wearing it. Luckily, there are a few cool ways to show it off:   Traditional (“Full- Eternity”)  The band of a traditional eternity ring will be fully covered by whichever gem or stone you happen to choose. This style is much more classic Read More →

Men – it’s hard enough having to build up the guts to ask the love of your life to marry you, right? Wouldn’t it be nice if buying her an engagement ring was a simple process? Well, through the years people have come up with some silly myths when it comes to engagement rings, so let’s get things straight right now. Myth #1: You have to spend 2 month’s salary on a diamond engagement ring. Really? There is absolutely no set rule as to how much you need to spend on her ring. You can spend whatever you want to Read More →

He’s popped the question, finally! Take a look at your finger and replay that beautiful moment in your head when he asked for your hand in marriage. Now, snap back to reality. Yes, you’re ring is beautiful and perfect, but it takes some effort to keep that brilliant shine. If you want that symbol of love to last forever, I suggest you check out this list of how to take care of your engagement ring. Cleaning: It’s really simple. Just soak the ring in warm water for at least 30 minutes with liquid detergent. You could also soak your ring in Read More →

Ladies – We’ve all dreamt of the day that Prince Charming would sweep us off our feet and we would all live happily ever after. Let’s face the facts – a fairy tale like that only happens in the movies. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember six great marriage proposals from the silver screen. “Gone With the Wind” (1939): Rhett Butler isn’t the most subtle guy in the world, which is why he gets down on one knee and insists that a drunken Scarlett O’Hara should marry him. Scarlett refuses, but Rhett then smothers her with a Read More →

Source: via EverDream on Pinterest Sofia Vergara Engaged… or Not? The sexy Sofia Vergara has reportedly been sporting around her gorgeous – and enormous – new engagement ring! Boyfriend, now fiancé, Nick Loeb, was said to have popped the question to her when they were vacationing with some friends on the Riviera Maya on her 40th birthday. There have been some conflicting reports about this engagement, though. Some reporters have said that she is not while others claim that she appears to be walking around with a giant rock on her finger. It’s no secret that the couple has Read More →

Should your honeymoon wardrobe match your wedding ring? Source: via EverDream on Pinterest   You will not always be sporting your best in every category while on your honeymoon, but unless you are 30 feet under water, you will likely be sporting your new ring. What to pack for your honeymoon has a lot to do with where you are going and what you are going to be doing (i.e. if you are going to the PGA championship together, your wardrobe will look very different than if you are tailgating at an NFL event). Let’s think about it like Read More →

Prep For The Bride-to-be! Source: via EverDream on Pinterest While Serena Williams has been a hot engagement topic for years, we haven’t heard her wedding bells yet. Her opponent, Sharapova, however, may not have won the gold medal, but she’s got the gold ring. She affirmed her engagement, but denied its whereabouts. The important thing is not the ring, or the proposal, but that you are ready. A marriage, by definition, is only successful if death does you part. That means, regardless of whether you really mean it or not when you say it, that you are promising to Read More →