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With the coming of the holiday season, many people want to give an engagement ring as a gift. There is no more magical time off the year to say those magic words—“Will you marry me?” Because of this, there are many places that offer holiday bargains on engagement rings to try and attract you to shop there. Before you jump in and purchase a ring, consider these great ways to get an engagement ring bargain this holiday season.  Let’s take a look at how to get some great holiday bargains on engagement rings. Holiday Bargains on Engagement Rings Consider browsing Read More →

Why Choose a Custom Engagement Ring? You’ve made a huge step by deciding to ask your girlfriend to marry you, but now comes a big obstacle: choosing the right engagement ring. Do you know what kind of ring she would want? If you’ve searched and searched but just can’t find a ring that would suit your bride-to-be’s style and personality, you may want to consider creating a custom engagement ring just for her. There are many benefits that come with creating a custom engagement ring: By creating an engagement ring for your girlfriend, you are able to ensure that you’ll Read More →

It’s easy to get carried away once you decide that you’re going to have a winter wonderland themed wedding. You want your wedding to be classic and glamorous, not tacky and distasteful. Here are a few ideas to help you have a gorgeous and memorable winter wedding. How to Put Together a Winter Wonderland Wedding Attire for Your Winter Wedding Winter themed weddings should have an elegant feel to them, so think Hollywood: the groom in tails, and the bride in a white long silk dress with diamond jewelry gracing her body. Many brides  opt for a strapless dress, but Read More →

The engagement ring that you wear for the rest of your life shouldn’t just represent the love the two of you have for one another, but also reflect each of your personalities and individual style. Many brides tend to lean towards a more traditional route with the classic clear, brilliant-cut diamond, but there are so many other stones that you should consider before making a final decision.  Let’s look at popular gemstones for an engagement ring. Popular Gemstones for an Engagement Ring Diamonds Diamonds are the traditional choice of stone for an engagement ring, but there’s a good reason for Read More →

When picking an engagement ring, you have to get out of the typical mindset of what you think an engagement ring should look like. This is going to be the ring that you wear as long as you both shall live, so shouldn’t it be something that reflects your personality? Here are a few other options out there so that you know all that there is to offer. 9 Not-So-Traditional Engagement Ring Options Fancy diamonds: Who says you have to stick with a plain diamond? You may want to consider something a little more colorful, such as pink, yellow, blue, Read More →

The obvious choice after cheating on America’s Sweetheart and having three failed marriages? Well, to get engaged again, of course! It looks as though reality TV star  Jesse James, 43, is engaged and ready to walk down the aisle again. Jesse James – Engaged Yet Again It’s only been about two years since Jesse divorced Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock, but now he is set to tie the knot with Alexa DeJoria. In October, news broke that the couple had been dating for just about a month, but apparently their bond over motor racing was all they needed to fall Read More →

It’s difficult getting engaged around the holidays. Between all of the family drama and stress of gift shopping, it’s easy to get caught up and forget some of the most common engagement rules. Here are the dos and don’ts of proposing around the holidays. The Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Wedding Proposals Do announce your engagement in front of the group – what better way to spread holiday cheer? Don’t make a big announcement if anyone there is sensitive to the issue of engagement, like an older sister who’s been dying to get engaged herself or a recently divorced relative. Read More →

It’s okay if you can’t afford a huge diamond – there are a few ways you can actually make the diamond look even larger than it really is. Just use these techniques to give them a larger appearance than it’s true carat weight. How to Make Your Diamond Look Larger Than It Is Browse Fancy  Shapes: Fancy shaped gems typically seem larger than round diamonds of that have the same weight, especially ones with elongated shapes, such as marquise, oval and pear shaped versions. Choose a Pave-Set Ring: A pave setting is made up of small diamonds set side by side Read More →