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As you shop around for a diamond engagement ring to present to your girlfriend as you ask her to marry you, you will probably realize that you really don’t know the difference between Asschers and cushions. We are here to help you in your pursuit of the perfect engagement ring. There are 10 basic shapes to choose from, but these five are the most popular among the group. Go ahead and read through each one so that you can determine which shape will suit your bride-to-be. A Diamond Shape for Every Woman Round is for the Classic Girl:
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What Is Diamond Clarity? Diamond clarity describes the absence or presence of flaws inside or on the surface of a diamond. A stone with perfect clarity is rare, and most flaws that do exist can’t be seen without seeing them through a jeweler’s magnifying loupe. A Lesson in Diamond Clarity Terms You Should Know: Diamond Inclusions: These are imperfections, or flaws, inside of a diamond. This includes tiny spots of white, black, or other colors or cracks. Flaws like these may cause no problems at all, but some could cause the stone to split. Diamond Blemishes: Blemishes are flaws on Read More →