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As if making the decision to ask your girlfriend to marry you wasn’t overwhelming enough, now you have to worry about making sure you have the right ring size! Don’t freak out, there are plenty of ways you can figure this out. Some require a little more work and sneakiness than others, but think of it as an adventure! 5 Ways to Find Her Ring Size The cheap way of getting out of this situation is to just ask your girlfriend flat out what size ring she wears. Sure, the element of surprise is gone, but at least you got Read More →

That rock on your finger isn’t the only jewelry that you’re going to be sporting on your wedding day. You have to plan ahead of time exactly what necklace you’d like to wear with your wedding gown – this means knowing what pieces will complement your look rather than take it over. To determine the necklace you’ll be wearing on your wedding day, pay close attention to your gown’s details and neckline. Here are a few more tips to help you in your search. Bridal Jewelry Tips Halter and Low-Neckline Gowns Thin drop down necklaces look best with low necklines Read More →