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Did Justin Bieber Propose to Selena Gomez? So just like always Selena is been reeled back in by bad boy Justin Bieber. The couple did something more shocking than dirty dancing on camera, Justin gave Selena a ring that she’s been sporting on her left ring finger. Could this be an engagement? We have spotted her wearing this ring since March 7th and although both parties deny its an engagement ring, they both have admitted to getting back together. The 21-year old pop singer wore the bling to the annual 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards. An insider told that “the Read More →

Get the Look for Less: Naya Rivera So by now we all know about Glee star Naya Rivera’s stunning rock. Naya first flaunted us with the sparkler back in October and took to instagram showing off the jewels captioning, “Latina #ladymoment”. It was definitely a moment indeed. The ring is everything a woman could dream of. It is a cushion cut diamond center stone set in a micro-pavé halo setting. The center stone appears to be a whopping 5-6 carats, cushion cut shape diamond. From photographs it appears that the stone is virtually colorless, maybe a G in color and Read More →

Jeremy Roloff Has Some Big News to Share! We all have at least heard of the show Little People Big World? Well if you’ve been living under a rock for almost a decade then let us fill you in. Amy Roloff and her husband are dwarfs who have 4 children (one being a dwarf as well). The concept of the reality show is to show the world from a small person’s perspective and how they can fully enjoy life, half the size. The Roloff’s have been in the media for quite some time now due to Amy Roloff and her Read More →

How to Spice up Your Wedding We all want to look our very best when walking down the isle. But how do you separate yourself from the thousands of other brides getting married every month? Here are some tips to turn your perfect day into a stylish runway show!  Spice up your dress with a sash Sometimes the dress just isn’t enough, adding on a colorful sash could make your dress really pop! It has been seen on numerous episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, the bride isn’t 100% satisfied with the dress, the stylists add a sash and, Read More →

Spotlight On: Mary-Kate Olsen’s Cartier Engagement Ring Since February it has been up in the air if Mary-Kate Olsen is engaged to her 17-year older boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy. Olivier is 44 while Mary-Kate is a mere 27-years old. Sarkozy is the half-brother of French President Nicolas Sarkozy and is living quite comfortable do to the fact the couple is shacking up in a $6.25 million New York Townhouse. Mary-Kate is continuously seen wearing this massive yellow gold diamond ring on THAT finger. Confusion has been escalating because she keeps wearing the ring, but won’t give any mention of if its Read More →

What your Engagement Ring Style says About you Buying an engagement ring isn’t as materialistic as it seems, this purchase is the moment where the definition of love, commitment and power shine through your relationship. It is an expensive investment that you will be wearing for the rest of your life. Subconsciously your ring style says a lot about your personality and how you hold yourself. Find out what your ring says about you!  Solitaire  A solitaire engagement ring is usually 4-6 prongs with one main center stone and a plain band. The setting is very simple, which goes the Read More →

Technology Takes a Turn in The Right Direction: 3D Jewelry Printing 3D printing is one of the most innovative creations of our time. Up until recently the technology only went as far as printing small pieces of cartilage and various clothing like underwear. Recently introduced this year was precious metal jewelry printing. New York metal fabricator company Cooksongold which is also a global supplier teamed up with 3D printing company A3DM. The partnership plans on bringing precious metal printing to North America. The partnership was just announced during the MJSA Expo New York, which wrapped up this Tuesday. The outcome Read More →

Top 10 Hors d’oeuvres to Have at Your Wedding There are two main things you have to think about when planning a wedding, ‘what are my guests going to be drinking and what will they be snacking on.’ During the cocktail hour and reception hors d’oeuvres are a necessity. We have compiled a list of the top ranking snacking foods that your guests will talk about for months after the wedding!  1. Stuffed Mushrooms: These are mouthwatering delights that fit in with any occasion! One great thing about stuffed mushrooms is they are small enough to keep contained in your Read More →

5 of the Most Outrageous Ways to get Married Some might say wearing a cliché wedding costume and exchanging vows with a plastic ring in Vegas is the most outrageous way to get married, unfortunately this isn’t even close to true. Vegas is becoming more solidified and common so people have found other, more drastic ways to say I do. Scuba Diving Wedding Most people have their weddings on a beautiful white sandy beach…Some like to scuba dive and exchange vows under the sea. More excursion companies are now offering wedding packages for below the sea level. It doesn’t stop Read More →

Are Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Engaged? Speculation that the two That 70s Show co-stars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are engaged has hit an all time high! These two lovebirds have been seen canoodling and being overly public with their display of affection. The celeb pair went to a LA Lakers game last night at the Staples Center where they sat court side watching the New Orleans Pelicans vs Lakers game. The ring appears to be a massive round brilliant stone in a solitaire setting, but from the far distance we can’t get a good grasp on the ring Read More →