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George Clooney Might Owe Over $100k in Taxes for Engagement Ring It seems as though our favorite Hollywood actor has gotten in some money problems with his recent engagement to Amal Alamuddin.  As we all know Clooney proposed with a gorgeous 7-carat emerald cut engagement ring. The sparkler cost an approximate $500,000 but the cost in taxes will be a little less than half of the ring cost! According to HMRC rules any jewelry that is brought in from outside of the EU that costs more than £390 you have to pay significant amount of taxes. Allegedly Clooney will have to Read More →

DIY Drinks for Cocktail Hour So you want to have some do it yourself drinks at your wedding during cocktail hour? Depending on the venue you should be able to do this, just use the vendors liquors. This will bring an intimate setting for your guests to connect!  Strawberry Vodka Mixed Drink The first drink on the list is a Strawberry Vodka mixed drink. This drink is de-lic-ous! This recipe is intended for about 2 pints, if you need to make more just double up the recipe. Items you will need: 1 Bottle of vodka (any brand) Strawberries Coffee filter Read More →

The Perfect Gift for Mom This Mother’s Day Its that time of the year again, the day when you give back to that special person that carried you for 9-months. One of the hardest gifts to shop for is mom, you want to make sure that whatever you get is a perfect portrayal of how monumental she is in your life. Don’t worry we have made a list of gifts that are perfect for mom this year!  1. Smartphone Wallet Sometimes it can be difficult to carry your phone and wallet necessities, so why not do it all together! This Read More →

Top 8 Most Cliché Proposal Songs If you’re that couple that needs a slow moving, heart felt song to pop the question then you have come to the right place. We all know those songs that get people hooked romantically with the tender lyrics and sincere meaning. Lets start off the countdown right, number 1… 1. All of Me by John Legend This song has taken 2014 by storm, if you scroll the proposal videos on youtube you will find yourself pages deep in romanticism. This is the number one single off of his album Love in The Future. Legend has always Read More →

Two of the Cutest Proposals…Told by Men! So lets hear it for the boys today! You know, those people that clearly drive us crazy, but in some way our love for them escalates everyday. We all know about this trendy fad, proposal videos! But this isn’t just your average cute video, we have the inside scoop on how it feels to be a guy proposing to his lady! The first video is is between a post grad Medical Laboratory Science student Christopher and his fiancé Lily. At his graduation party he flipped the switch by turning it into an engagement Read More →

What You Didn’t Know About Diamonds 1. Diamonds conduct heat 5 times faster than copper. 2. Diamonds are the hardest substance on Earth, weighing in at an approximate 10 on the Mohs scale. 3. In the purest state, diamonds are colorless. 4. Yellow and Brown colored diamonds are the most common in the world. 5. Diamonds melt at 1292 degrees fahrenheit. 6. Less than 20% of diamonds mined are considered “gem-quality” diamonds! 7.  Red and Blue diamonds are the rarest color for diamonds. 8. Tremendous pressure and temperature deep under the ocean approximately 75 and 120 miles beneath the earth’s Read More →