The 21-Year Long Engagement

The 21-Year Long Engagement

The 21 Year Engagement

The longest engagement of all time was between a Mexican couple. It lasted 67 years before they tied the knot. This was the story the minister who married Deleware couple Loretta Stigliano and John Ruglass.

The two met over 30 years ago and were engaged for 21 years before they decided it was finally the right time to say “I do”. “I probably had the ring for 6 months before I did ask her to get married,” said John Ruglass. John and Loretta met at work, the cafeteria lady introduced the two after a little while. They dated for 9 years before John proposed.

It isn’t odd for a couple to hold off on getting married. You see it all the time in the media. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been dating since 1983 and raised 4 children together. Orpah and Stedman are another example, or Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardasian! Sometimes yielding on such a big decision can help a relationship thrive.

It wasn’t like Loretta and John hadn’t skipped out on relationship milestones such as having kids, moving in together or growing old together. “First it was the kids, the kids had too much going on” Loretta said, “then it was a four car garage or get married.” It is strange in this society to see a couple put other things before tying the knot.

Loretta lost her father and brother which discouraged her from walking down the isle. She wanted to be given away. After many years of negotiating on a date and getting cold feet on May 10th 2013 Loretta and John finally got married. It was a small, but beautiful church wedding.

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