4 Ways to Cut Down the Cost of Your Engagement Ring

4 Ways to Cut Down the Cost of Your Engagement Ring

4 Ways to Cut Down the Cost of your Engagement RingWhen you are purchasing an engagement ring you have to keep in mind that it is a long term investment that should be practical in price and sentimental in value. Buying an engagement ring has been said to cost a 3 months salary, but what if your salary isn’t as high as you anticipated before getting engaged? We have a simple solution to this problem that should not only save you a buck or two, but make sure while saving you still get her the ring of her dreams!

Settle with the Color and Clarity

The biggest misconception is you need the best diamond color and clarity or else the diamond isn’t worth its value in price. The truth is that if you cant notice any inclusions or color without a jewelers loop the ring will appear flawless to the naked eye. Just by buying an average colored diamond with a fair clarity you can be saving close to $5,000! We would recommend a diamond color of H or I and a clarity no less than SI1. The approximate price of a 1 carat H in Color SI1 in clarity should cost $6,700! If you wanted the same one carat round diamond stone, but internally flawless (IF) and D in color the approximate price would be $28,400!

Use a Gemstone Alternative

It may seem a bit ridiculous to put a gemstone in as the center stone for your engagement ring, but the truth is that it is actually becoming the new trend of 2013! Every since Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mothers diamond and Ceylon Sapphire engagement ring the style has become more prominent. One suggestion is putting a ruby gemstone in as the center stone. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson did this with her engagement ring and used two pear shaped diamonds as side stones. The ruby is actually almost just as hard on the Mohs scale as a diamond which makes it bold in color and strong enough to withstand hard bands and scratches! If your girlfriend isn’t the type that likes color incorporated into her engagement ring there is a white sapphire that looks identical from far away to a diamond. The plus side is the brightness and almost luminescent hue! The sapphire is just a fraction of the price as a real diamond!

Buy your Ring Online

It seems peculiar that you actually are saving a fraction of money by buying your engagement ring online, but it is actually more practical in this era. Most people buy online rather than go to an actual store. The convince of having an item shipped right to your doorstep attracts the everyday person. It is also an advantage to have the ring delivered to you to keep it more secret than having to go to a store numerous times and shop around! According to the Wedding Report $9.64 billion dollars a year is spent on engagement rings. 1 billion dollars of that is spent from online purchases! What makes buying online such an advantage is that you can virtually shop and compare prices from the comfort of your home to assure that you are getting the best value on a ring!

Consider a Smaller Center Stone

This may seem like a big no-no, but settling on a smaller center stone can lower the price of your engagement ring DRASTICALLY! One setting we would suggest is the “Halo” setting. This raised look emphasizes the center stone and makes it appear larger. If you add small accent stones to the band the ring’s center stone will also appear much larger!

These ideas are sacrifices for lowering the cost of your engagement ring, but they are small changes that can not only give the outcome of a gorgeous ring, but help you stay financially buoyant.

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