5 Awesome Proposals That Aren’t Cheesy

Awesome Proposals That Aren’t Cheesy

Awesome Proposal Ideas

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Coming up with an authentic proposal can be a high anxiety feeling. It is the question that can define your life. The new trend is to propose in an over the top romantic way. Here are some great ideas for proposing without coming off too cheesy.

1. Have an Adventurous Date: Making a day that is dedicated to your significant other that comes off the least bit romantic usually has the biggest surprise element. Take your girlfriend to go sky diving or paint balling. And during the activity pop the question! The element of surprise will be out of the world and being able to have such a memorable activity for the proposal will make it talked about for years.

2. Family Party Turned Proposal Party: If your girlfriend is very family oriented, or if you are, have a party that is supposed to be a family gathering. Ask her to accompany you to the grocery store to pick up an item that you forgot. While you are at the grocery store have your family redesign the party to a proposal party. The second she steps into the house she will be astonished and surprised! This is such a great way to include your family in future plans!

3. Go on Vacation: If you and your girlfriend travel a lot take her on a nice vacation to somewhere local, but far enough where you can get away from home. Make the weekend just about the both of you. This is one of the most cliche proposals, but it is also one of the most romantic ones too. When you are out to dinner confess your love with a sweet speech about how you want to spend the rest of your life with your girlfriend. Just remember, never put her ring in her food as a surprise. That NEVER goes right.

4. Surprise Jewelry Shopping Spree: Plan a trip to go somewhere and end up taking her to a local jewelry store, or your favorite jewelry store instead. When you walk into the store tell her you guys are actually there to shop for an engagement ring. She will be caught off guard and love that you included her in the picking out of the ring. Did you know that 28% of women actually reject the proposal if they don’t like the ring?

5. Concert Lovers: First make sure that your girlfriend wouldn’t mind a public proposal. If you and her are big music lovers go to a smaller show of one of your favorite bands. Call the venue and see if the band would allow you to get on stage. If the answer is yes excuse yourself to the bathroom, appear on stage and then do your proposal! This not only involves music which you both love, but the public display of affection shows how much she means to you.

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