5 Celebs That Waited Until They Said “I Do”

5 Celebs That Waited Until They Said “I Do”

Think its unbelievable to wait until marriage to…ya know. Well believe it or not its more common than you think! These 5 celebs waited until the Honeymoon to turn up the heat! 

1. Adriana Lima & Marko Jaric

Adriana Lima Waited Until Marriage!

Although this may seem shockingly unlikely the Victoria’s Secret model who bares all was a virgin until marriage! She announced in 2006 that she was waiting until marriage and a guy that didn’t respect that didn’t love her. She did an interview with AMAzon Beverages where they asked her the infamous V card question. The model got very flushed and nervous about the question. Good for you staying pure until marriage Adriana!

2. Carrie Underwood

5 Celebs That Waited Until Marriage

Carrie isn’t shy when it comes to her beliefs, the American Idol superstar has prayed on camera, and had songs such as “Jesus Take the Wheel”. Carrie married hockey player Mike Fisher in 2007. The couple is still going strong!

3. Kevin Jonas

5 Celebs That Waited Until Marriage

The Jonas Brothers are infamous for pledging celibacy. During their prime whenever asked in interviews every Jonas would talk about their promise with god about waiting. They even wore custom promise rings. Rumor has it middle child Joe Jonas finally gave in, but Kevin waited and was married to hair stylist Danielle Deleasa in 2009. The couple welcomed their first child earlier this year!

4. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Waited Until Marriage

At the age of 12 Jessica was given a purity ring from her father. The singer started her career being a Christian singer/songwriter. Religion played a big part in the family dynamic of the Simpsons. While on MTV reality show Newlyweds Jessica said, “Of all the things about myself, staying a virgin until my wedding night is the thing that makes me most proud.” Her and Nick Lachey later called it quits.

5. Tim Teebow

5 Celebs That Waited!

No one believed this football hotty was a virgin until AshleyMadison.com offered $1 million dollars to the lucky lady who could prove she got Tim Teebow in bed. No one came forward. This stud is waiting until he finds the right girl to marry! He is very into religion and writes scriptures on his eye blacks.

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