5 Cool, Outlandish Engagement Ring Boxes

5 Cool, Outlandish Engagement Ring Boxes

Want to get engaged, but what to blow your future bride away with a quirky box that will confuse her and make the surprise even more unexpected? First figure out what she loves, it is right around the holidays so if she is into geeky toys get her a hollow Rubik Cube and store your sparkler inside it! Here are some cool unique boxes to store your engagement ring in before you propose!

1. Rubik Cube

Rubik Cube Engagement

This is for the unique couple that loves watching old Star Wars movies and nestling up with some hot tea on the weekends. With New Years approaching and Christmas just passing by giving a Rubik Cube as a gift would keep her on her toes and completely caught off guard by a ring being inside!

2. Puzzling Box

Money Maze Box Makes for a Good Engagement Ring Box

Want to really confuse her? Buy a money maze box and instead of money being in it put the ring! She can see the prize, but how hard is she willing to work to get it! This is a fun and exciting mission to become engaged. The great thing about this is you can splurge more on the actual engagement ring because these mazes can be found at your local toy store for less than $10 dollars!

3. The Harry Potter Proposal

Sorting Hat Engagement

So this is probably our favorite engagement ring box because we are obsessed with Harry Potter!!! Once again pretend you got her a “sorting hat” sculpture for the holidays, in reality inside is a hollow area where the ring is located! We love this because she will be taken completely off guard!

5. The Hollow Book

Hollow Book Engagement

Buy her favorite book for her, or buy her her least favorite book because she will be let down that you don’t know her that well. She will open the book (if she doesn’t tell her you got it signed by the author so she then opens it). She will see the ring in a small pocket you made hollow inside the book. You can buy books like this or make your own. There are plenty of DIY websites that can give you an in-depth tutorial on how to make a book hollow.

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