5 of the Largest Diamonds in the World

5 of the Largest Diamonds in the World

One of the most magical wonders of this planet is the precious gemstones that are hidden beneath the cracks of the Earth’s surface. Diamonds are one of the rarest most desired stones throughout the world. It is considered the strongest element, rating a 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. The biggest rarity is to find a diamond over 10 carats, we have formed a list of five of the largest, most spectacular diamonds to ever grace our existence!

1. The Cullinan Diamond

5 of the Largest Diamonds Ever Discovered

This diamond was discovered an a South African Mine, Premier Mine and weighs approximately 3106.75 carats! It was discovered in 1905 by Captain Frederick Wells, who was the superintendent of Premier Mine. When he was performing a daily inspection of the mines he saw a magnificent flash of light, the wall of the shaft he was inspecting. He then realized it was a partially exposed crystal,  first he thought it was a shard of glass, placed there as a joke. Using only a pocket knife he managed dug out the crystal. It was immediately sent for inspection and weighed in over 600 grams! The stone was then sent to Asscher Brothers for a cutting where it was then sized into 9 diamonds. The estimated value is over $2 billion dollars. The diamonds were given to the British Royals and now is part of the Crowned Jewels collection. It is rumored that Frederick Wells actually broke off a chunk for himself and the diamond was much larger in size. This has never been proven though.

2. The Excelsior Diamond

Second Largest Diamond Ever Discovered

Until 1905 when the Cullinan diamond was discovered, the Excelsior was considered the largest diamond ever discovered! It was found in Jagersfontein Mine located in South Africa. Although it was pushed to second place in 1905 it is still considered the second largest rough diamond in the world weighing in at 971.75 carats. The color is G which is nearly colorless, but us at Engagement Ring Gurus still consider this an amazing color grade for a diamond. The diamond was later cut into 10 smaller diamonds, including one of the largest pear shaped diamonds to this date, weighing 69.68 carats. The stone was discovered in 1893 by a worker who was shoveling gravel and loading it into his truck. He did not hand the diamond over to his overseer, but instead gave it directly to the Mine Manager, who rewarded him with £500 in cash and a horse with a saddle and bridle! The day the diamond was discovered the contract between the Mining Company and the syndicate of firms in London which bought its diamonds had been terminated. This probably played a major role in Excelsior’s discovery low buzz. The diamond was not reported in any of the prestigious British newspapers.

3. The Millennium Star Diamond

Third Largest Diamond in the World

Besides being a whopping 203.04 carat diamond, the Millennium Star diamond is also known for its profound color grading and internally and externally flawless clarity. The stone was cut into a pear shape by Steinmetz Group and is currently owned by the infamous diamond company De Beers. The stone was discovered in 1990 by Mbuji-Mayi mine, located in Zaire. Before the Millennium was cut is weighed an approximate 777 carats! The diamond went through years of drama before it kindly sat in the hands of De Beers. The cutting process took over 3 years due to new laser cutting techniques. In 2000 the stone was also attempted to be stolen, which ultimately failed. The insurance price for the Millennium Star is well over £100,000,000.

4. The Star of Sierra Leone Diamond

Fourth Largest Diamond Ever Discovered: The Star of Sierra Leone

The Star of Sierra Leone was discovered in 1972 at none other than Sierra Leone! The most astonishing thing about this diamond is it was the largest alluvial diamond ever discovered, this means it was discovered above ground in the soil! The 42nd anniversary for the discovery of the Sierra Leone is approaching on a day many of us consider “the day of love”, none other than Valentines Day! On October 3rd of 1972 the sparkler was purchased by Harry Winston for a little less than $2.5 million US dollars. The stone was first cut to be an emerald shaped diamond which weighed143.2 carats, but it was later re-cut due to an internal flaw. After everything the diamond was eventually cut into 17 separate diamonds, of those 17,  13 were considered to be flawless. The largest of the stones was a flawless pear-shaped diamond that was 53.96 carats.

5. The Hope Diamond

Mysterious Diamonds: Who was The Hope Diamond's Owner???

The Hope Diamond, also known as the Le bleu de France, The King’s Jewels, The Tavernier Blue isn’t banking in size, more of its interesting past. This diamond has no specific discovery date and no specific discoverer either! The first documentation was in the inventory of jewel merchant Daniel Eliason in 1812. The cut of the diamond was also unspecified, but was later slightly reshaped by Harry Winston. The diamond is 45.52 carats, Fancy Dark Grayish Blue according to GIA and is a Antique Cushion cut. It is assumed that the diamond came from India at the Kollur mine. Now the current owner for this mysterious gem is none other than the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

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