5 Most Expensive Weddings of All Time

5 Most Expensive Weddings of All Time

5 Most Expensive Weddings

5.Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky is the number five most expensive wedding of all time. Chelsea is best known for being the daughter of former President Bill Clinton. Mark is not only a childhood friend of the family, but is an investment banker. The wedding took place at Astor Courts in Rhineback, New York. The wedding featured $600,000 worth of air conditioned tents, an $11,000 gluten-free cake and a Vera Wang gown. The guest list consisted of over 400 people, one of them being Oprah. After the wedding the couple jetted off for their honeymoon in South Africa!

This wedding cost $5 million 

5 Most Expensive Weddings

4. Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin wedding is number four on our list! The couple had been dating since 16 and reportedly had their first date at the movies watch Austin Powers. Most know Wayne Rooney for being the highest paid player on Manchester United Football (soccer) team in London. The wedding was held in 2008 with some of the most ritzy features. Every guest was flown out to Genoa for a masked ball on a $125 million dollar yacht. The wedding was  held outside of liverpool at San Girolamo Chapel at La Gervana. The brides dress cost $100,000 and she sported this outfit with some Christian Louboutin heels.

This wedding cost $8 million in 2008.

5 Most Expensive Weddings

3. Catherine “Kate” Middleton and Prince William. The wedding was not as big as Princess Diana and Prince Charles because William was not immediately next in line for the throne. 26.3 million people viewed the wedding globally on TV. The guest list was 1,900 with close friends, family and royal figures. The flowers alone cost over $800,000 and the cake was approximated at costing $80,000. The dress is known as one of the most stunning wedding dresses of all time. It was a fitted lace number designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. It featured overlaid lace bodice and appliqued skirt. After the ceremony the couple made an appearance on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

The cost for this wedding was roughly $34 million


2. The wedding of Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia made number 2 on our list of most expensive weddings. Vanisha Mittal is the daughter of the richest man in India, Steel Magnate Lakshmi Mittal. His net worth is over $1 billion. Amit Bhatia is a British born banker and owner of Swordfish Investments. Invitations for this wedding were sent in silver boxes that included plane tickets and 5 star hotel rooms at the Paris Hotel. It doesn’t end here, guests had 5 days of festivities which included dinner at the famous Jarden Des Tuileries. The wedding was held at the 17th century Chateau Vaux le Vicomte. The highlight of the reception was Australian Pop singer Kylie Mingogue performed. The night ended with fireworks off of the Eiffel Tower.

The overall cost for this wedding was $60 million in 2005, due to inflation it would cost approximately $66 million now. 


1. The most extravagant and luxurious wedding of all time has to be Princess Diana and Prince Charles. The wedding had over 2 million spectators and over 750 million views watching globally on TV! The wedding took place on Wednesday , July 29th 1981. It was at St. Paul’s cathedral which sat 3500 people, some of them being part of the royal family or european elected heads. There was approximately 4000 police surveying the area and 2,201 military officers. The dress Princess Di wore was a meringue puff pall dress. The dress had a 25 foot train and 10,000 hand embroidered pearls! The dress was designed by Elizabeth and David Emanuel. The cost of the dress, over 10,000 dollars and due to inflation would cost almost 40,000 now! The luxury doesn’t stop here though, there were 27 wedding cakes, one of those being a 5 foot cake that had a duplicate waiting in case of any accidents.

This wedding cost $48 million back in 1981 and due to inflation would currently cost around $110 million. 

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