5 Must Have Engagement Rings of 2014

5 Must Have Engagement Rings of 2014

If you are planning on getting engaged and don’t know what rings are considered trendy, don’t wonder what to get any longer! Engagement Ring Gurus is bringing the top 5 must have engagement ring styles to you! 2014 is almost over and before the year comes to a close make sure you have the engagement ring of your dreams that also is considered a must have! 

Which Diamond Ring is for you?

1. Halo Engagement Ring: This is a timeless style that most modern brides gush over! Halo engagement rings are one of a kind! The style is a raised center stone that is encircled with small round diamonds. Usually the smaller diamonds that frame the center stone give the illusion there is a “halo” effect. The pros of having a halo engagement ring is that you can compromise the size of the center stone diamond. What I mean by this is usually halo settings give the illusion your center stone is a lot bigger than in reality. The smaller diamonds and raising of the middle stone emphasize the diamond and give it tremendous amounts of attention. We love this setting for the young bride. It is a financial sturdy ring and is timelessly beautiful!

2. The Solitaire: Obviously everyone knows about this type of diamond ring. The traditional solitaire diamond engagement ring is a round brilliant diamond with a plain band. Now, many brides are using radiant cut, oval cut, cushion, and princess as their center stones. This puts a nice twist on the tradition!

3. Emerald Cut: Although this isn’t necessarily a type of engagement ring style, it is something that is a complete must have for the year. Beyonce rocks an emerald cut, Kim Kardashian rocked an emerald cut. Everyone loves the slender, elegant style of an emerald cut engagement ring!

4. Fancy Colored Diamonds: This is a trend that is here to stay…we hope. Lovely sparks of color really draws everyone in. Carrie Underwood has a gorgeous canary diamond that we can proudly say is STUNNING.

5. Three Stone Engagement Ring: Ahhh the three stone. Let us take a step back from day dreaming and mention that we are coo coo over three stone rings. There is usually one pronounced center diamond that is bigger than the two stones sandwiching it. But it is no flaw to have all three sparkling diamonds be the same size.

Whether you want a simple solitaire or a crazy three stone, make sure you get a ring that is going to be trending for the long haul.

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