5 Myths of Fall Weddings

It’s easy to feel trapped in a certain kind of wedding style when you’re planning a fall wedding — you might feel bound to a wedding color palette of brick to russet to terra cotta, and that autumn leaves are a decor necessity. But it’s not so — we’ve busted the top fall wedding myths so your style possibilities will be as excellent as the weather forecast.

5 Myths of Fall Weddings

Myth #1: You Must Have a “Fall Foliage” Wedding Color Scheme. Not that you should completely avoid the colors of autumn, but consider opting for colors like plum or auburn combined with shades of cream or blush. In fact, if you really want to use bright colors or pastels, that’s fine, but combine these colors with darker hues so that there is some balance.

Myth #2: The Bridesmaids Must Wear Heavy Silk or Satin. What’s most important is choosing a fabric that flatters everyone’s figures and a color that will look good against their different skin tones.

Myth #3: The Guys Have To Wear Dark Suits or a Black Tie. The suits don’t have to be dark to be appropriate for a fall wedding. Light khaki suits have an earthy feel that are perfect for the season. You can even leave out the jackets and go for a casual look with a button-down shirt and khaki slacks.

Myth #4: You Must Incorporate Pumpkins. In fact, it might be a little cheesy to use pumpkins in your décor. Try to be more subtle if you’re trying to represent the season in your ceremony.  Wine or champagne grapes and fruit like apples, pears, and pomegranates will give your wedding an autumn-feel without the pumpkins.

Myth #5: You Have To Hold the Festivities Indoors. If it’s cool outside but you’ve always dreamt of a fall wedding, you can always incorporate heating lamps into the venue. However, it does get pretty cold at night, so to keep guests comfortable you may want to head inside for a reception after dark. Give your guests fair warning, though, that they may want to bring jackets or wraps in case is does get a bit chilly.

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