5 of the Most Outrageous Ways to get Married

5 of the Most Outrageous Ways to get Married

5 of the Most Outrageous Weddings

Some might say wearing a cliché wedding costume and exchanging vows with a plastic ring in Vegas is the most outrageous way to get married, unfortunately this isn’t even close to true. Vegas is becoming more solidified and common so people have found other, more drastic ways to say I do.

Scuba Diving Wedding

Most people have their weddings on a beautiful white sandy beach…Some like to scuba dive and exchange vows under the sea. More excursion companies are now offering wedding packages for below the sea level. It doesn’t stop at just saying I do, couples hold up their vows on paper, exchange wedding rings and even hold bouquets! Some things included in an under water wedding package is a videographer, a beach reception and a land photographer! The great thing about this is that some companies allow for scheduling as soon as 10 days in advanced! It is a quick, spur of the moment act that is a little classier than Las Vegas!

Skydiving Wedding

Are you and your fiancé action junkies? Want a thrill beyond compare, look in to a skydiving wedding. Almost every place that offers skydiving also can help you tie the knot, the only thing is finding an officiate to sky dive with you! Myrtle Beach offers a skydiving wedding package for less than $2,000 and for $160 extra dollars you can have a wedding party to accompany you! This comes with videographers, champagne and of course a 13,000 feet skydive.

Cemetery Wedding

This one kind of erks us a little bit, but weddings are meant to be a small piece of something that  brings you and your fiancé together. Kristen and Jo had a morbid wedding. Kristen arrived in a coffin and the pair tied the knot in a historic cemetery. It is a very unique idea for a wedding, but just know anything is possible!

Murder Mystery Wedding

For the ‘wanna-be-detective’ couple, a murder mystery party is the perfect option! Getting a group of your friends together to help solve a mysterious murder can not only be really Wedding in a Cavefun, but bring everyone together and make the party closer to the bride and groom! Many companies are catching on to this and you can either hire someone to plan the perfect murder mystery for you, or if you are that good plan it yourself!

Wedding in a Cave 

A cave wedding is the ultimate excursion! Many people think that a cave is a dark and dirty place where wild unspecified creatures hide out. In reality some caves have been manipulated to have beautiful lighting and pathways which make for a beautiful underground area. This is great venue for unique couples that want to do something out of the ordinary for a wedding!!

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