5 Reasons to get a Gemstone Engagement Ring

5 Reasons to get a Gemstone Engagement Ring

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1. Its less expensive: Buying a diamond engagement ring is a costly business endeavor. There are a lot of things that go in to purchasing a ring with a diamond center stone. One of those things being the grade of the diamond. Depending on the color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. Depending on the gemstone you should be subtracting the cost significantly for the overall cost of the engagement ring. For example, you might be spending more if you invest in a rare columbian emerald. Most people choose a birthstone (hopefully your month isn’t april, thats diamond). If you want something to sparkle and stay way within budget we recommend a semi-precious gemstone.

2. Less Work: Searching for a good deal on a diamond while also making sure the diamond characteristics are fantastic are major problems for first time diamond buyers. Like I mentioned above there are four C’s the color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. Making sure all these diamond grading sectors are perfection can make shopping for a ring a grueling task. Save the trip of worry and buy a gemstone engagement ring. Clarity and color are usually the only steps required in buying a gem, but you can use eye judgement to tell what is good or bad.

3. Gemstones are Easy to Replace: Not that you are planning on loosing your engagement ring stone, but in the slight chance you may part accidentally with your center stone you might never be able to replace it as easily. Most diamond engagement rings are appraised for insurance purposes. Since you are spending so much for a ring, insuring it is a smart idea. If you do not  insure your diamond it is basically forever lost. Replacing the same color, clarity, cut, cutlet size, etc. can be very very difficult to do. If your center stone was a gemstone all you would have to do is find a gem the same dimensions!

4. Catch the Eye: Diamonds are very usual. Seeing a gemstone on your finger will capture someones attention because it is very colorful. Kate Middleton is the perfect example! Her sapphire and diamond engagement ring is a stunner not only because of its intense blue ceylon sapphire center stone encompassed by round diamonds, but because its astonishing color is really gravitating.

5. It Separates you From the Rest: What is the most traditional engagement ring you can get? A diamond ring. If you are different and unique you need a unique ring. Gemstone center stones are the least cliché wedding rings in the business. More people are breaking the mold and trying to stand out in the wedding world. A perfect example is Jessica Simpson. She has a ruby center stone on her engagement ring! Be different with one of these babies!

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