5 Things No One Warns You When it Comes to Your Wedding Day

Dont get out the guns just yet ladies..... but tequilla is okay

Everyone tells you from the time your 5 years old that your wedding day will be the happiest time of your life, however not everyone tells you that your day will most likely be filled with stress and problems that will arise. You can read every bridal magazine, wedding blog, or article, and question every single one of your married girlfriends in hopes of finding how to properly plan your big day, but all that advise still wont prepare you for every OMG moment that may come up. We have put together some problems that may arise on your big day, so you don’t look back saying how you coulda, woulda, shoulda if you could do it over again.

Dont forget to RSVP to Wedding Invites!

RVSP Problems

Many people don’t realize that when it comes to an invitation that requires an RSVP, it is something that needs to be treated with respect and honored even if your planning on not attending. Having guests not respond to an invitation, then showing up without a prior RSVP can cause a major strain on the wedding planning. It happens all the time, people don’t show up when they say they will, or they say they will and then don’t, or even worse, show up with a date that they haven’t previously stated on their RSVP. You can always subtract guests at the eleventh hour which can possibly save you some money, but to add guests last minute can throw off the entire dinner coarse! Remind your guests ahead of time to promptly RSVP to your wedding as well as let you know if they are bringing a date. You are inviting them to share your big day, the least they can do is respect your invitation with an RSVP.

What no one tells you about your wedding day

Emotional Stress

With stress levels high during the planning process, and even higher on the day of the wedding, things can turn from exciting to heated really fast. Planning a wedding takes months to execute, this can cause major stress, studies show that even the most even tempered person can become anxious and crazed due to the stressful planning that goes into their big day. This does not always mean its the bride, many grooms get just as flustered during the planning process as women. It can be due to money, cold feet, family drama or even something as small as the color of his square pocket in his tux. Do not let the stress get to you to the point of turning into a bride-zilla. Your family and soon to be husband are there to lean on, not take out your frustrations on. Remember your emotions are already on full blast, be prepared for feelings that will come from all over the board; from anger to tears and of coarse pure joy!

Your girls always have your back!

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Whether its a tare in your pantyhose or your shoes that end up giving your feet blisters, be aware that anything that can go wrong when it comes to your wardrobe. Be prepared for any disaster ahead of time by possibly bringing a pair of comfortable shoes to change into after the ceremony, or even an extra pair or two of pantyhose.

Groom and groomsmen!

Out of Control Guests

If your guest list is larger then the old back yard shotgun wedding, keep in mind that if you are offering an open bar this can lead to a good time but also can lead to trouble. If your hubby is known to get out of control with his best mates, be happy for him, just be sure things don’t turn sour as they often can when liquor is thrown in the mix. The famous best man speech is usually something that is remembered for years, just be aware of this when choosing your best man, make sure he isn’t a complete donkey when he drinks so he doesn’t completely bomb the best man speech in a drunken rant.

They did it!

More Money More Problems

Wedding planning takes what feels like a lifetime, you have so many things to consider location, season, vendors, flowers, food, and hundreds of other wedding details that wont even pop up until last minute. Although you may be exhausting all your efforts to save you some money in the process by trimming off somethings that are not really needed, sometimes it may be better to just bite the bullet and go big or go home. This is your big day, its supposed to be perfect, but when that doesn’t happen remember don’t stress, somethings are just out of your control, just breathe and everything will fall into place!

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