Your time has finally arrived. It seems like you’ve gone to everyone’s wedding but yours – your best friend’s, your sister’s – but now it’s your time. So why not mix it up a little? Instead of sticking to the same old plain Jane save-the-dates, spice it up with one of these latest trends.

Comic Book Save-the-Date

Give your guests the short but sweet version of your relationship. This could be whatever quirky way you met, some stories of funny misunderstandings, or a spoof on how your man proposed to you. Then, work with a graphic designer to sketch up an unforgettably adorable story.

Magazine-Style Save-the-Date

For those of you with excellent writing skills, try your hand at a magazine style save-the-date. Make the big details – time, place, etc. – the features of your magazine cover. Include some of your favorite places that guests may want to visit while they are in town. Don’t forget to include your proposal – it’s the top story in this save-the-date!

Board Game Save-the-Date

The Game of Life is a great idea for save-the-dates. You can go through your whole relationship with stops at the two of you meeting, your first date, the proposal and, of course, the wedding day! Complete this idea with bride and groom playing pieces and the colors of your wedding palette.

Passport Holder Save-the-Date

Having a destination wedding? Send out your save-the-dates in a passport holder. Pick out the holders according to your wedding colors and stick the save-the-date right inside – your guests should catch the hint that they’ll be taking a trip to celebrate the big day!
Vinyl Save-the-Date

Get out those old records and put labels directly on them for a vintage style save-the-date. You could send ones that the recipient can actually play or even go as far as using albums you’ll play at your wedding.

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