5 Ways to Clean Your Engagement Ring

5 Ways to Clean Your Engagement Ring

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Cleaning an engagement ring can seem like a strenuous task when the ring is dirty. Many assume that in order to get that brilliant shine and clarity you have to take the ring to a jewelry store and have it professionally cleaned for a great amount of money. That is not the case. There are some home remedies you can try first, and also some inexpensive ways of having your ring re-finished.

Baking Soda Paste this is an easy way of getting your engagement ring to look like new. Baking soda in non-abrasive cleaning agent, which means it will cause no harm to your ring. What you would do is mix baking soda and water until you get a paste-like texture. After this you are going to rub that paste all over your ring and gently massage for three minutes. After this process is finished go ahead and rinse your ring in warm water. Dry the engagement ring with a lint free cloth. Lint free cloths should always be used when drying a ring!

Dish Detergent Cleaning although cleaning your engagement ring with dish detergent sounds silly, this actually is a good supplement for cleaning a very dirty ring! Mix one part dish detergent and 3 part warm water, mix this up and dip a soft bristled toothbrush to start the cleaning! Take your soft bristled tooth brush and gently scrub every part of the ring. This treatment is good for getting out natural oils from the setting, dried lotion, makeup and general grime. If this process doesn’t make your engagement ring glisten the way you like, then just simply soak the ring over night in this mixture!

Ammonia Cleaning this type of cleaning is definitely going to be the most hardcore home remedy for cleaning your engagement ring because of the main ingredient, ammonia. Only use one part ammonia and three parts warm water. Mix your ring in the solution for three minutes. If the dirt isnt just rinsing itself off, take a soft bristled brush and just scrub the grime off yourself.

Steam Cleaning at a Jewelry Store sometimes the jewelry store where you bought your engagement ring at will steam  your ring free of charge, other times there is a minimal cost of $10 dollars. What the jeweler does is takes your ring to a high powered steamer, hold it with tongs and steams away all spots and stains until it has achieved its brilliance in color and clarity. The steam is ultra hot and comes out with a lot of pressure, so it is nothing to put your hands under, this is one of the most efficient ways to clean all types of jewelry

Sulfuric Acid Cleaning this is also done by your jeweler for either free or a small price. There is a boiling pot of Sulfuric acid which your jeweler just dunks your ring inside of. This helps rinse off grime easily.

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