5 Ways to Cut Your Wedding Spending in Half

5 Ways to Cut Your Wedding Spending in Half

Want to make sure you have enough money to pay your electric bill or at least taking a honeymoon without feeling like you have to feed your guest’s catered subway? There is a way to cut the price of your wedding bill almost in half! While planning your wedding you just have to  be strategic and figure out the price of everything and the alternative less expensive prices. For example did you know if you have a wedding on a weekday the whole ceremony can be half the price! Have any wedding stories you want to share? Email us at RLJ455@Gmail.com

Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Wedding in Half

Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Wedding in Half


1. Many people don’t know this, especially after watching Say Yes to the Dress, but you can ask the tailor for your wedding dress if that particular dress comes in a less fine satin. Most dresses have that option which makes the price incomparably lower.

2. Open up a new line of credit: It seems a bit out there, but it is actually a really smart decision to make. Apply for a credit card that has fly miles on it and put every expense from your wedding on it! This way you have enough money to spend on a honeymoon NOT including airfare.

3. Choose an Off-Season Month: The two main months to get married in are June and August. This is because people have the most leisure time and the weather is great. If you decide to have a wedding off season, like in January or March the price will be significantly lower.

4. Fake it: Instead of spending half of your budget on an extravagant wedding cake take the time to weigh in the option of making the bottom tier of your cake fake. The probability of your guests finishing a three or more tiered cake is quite impossible so just forget about that lower half!

5. Save the Day: Most reception halls charge twice the price when a reception is after 7pm. We suggest holding your wedding reception where the price is the same throughout the day and night or just improvising and having a fancy brunch reception!

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