5 Ways to Get the Engagement Ring You Really Want

If you and your man have been talking about getting married, he probably is under a lot of pressure and feeling overwhelmed with finding the right ring for the right girl. To make things easier on him and to make sure you are getting exactly what you want, here are a few ways to let him know exactly what engagement ring you want.

5 Ways to Get the Engagement Ring You Really Want

Show Him a Picture: Try and find a way to cleverly show him a picture of your favorite setting, cut, and style. You could leave up a webpage or casually mention it as you flip through a magazine. You could even try and get friends involved by giving them a picture and having them do the dirty work. However, this is only a good idea if you’ve seriously talked about getting engaged.

Shop Together for the Ring: When you and your man go out and walk past a jewelry store, suggest casually that you’d like to go in and look around. A salesperson will most likely come up to you and ask if you’d like to try anything on. However, if he’s a traditionalist he isn’t going to want to go ring shopping with you. If this is the case, window shopping will do just fine and he can go back to find the ring you showed the most interest in another day.

Have a Friend or Family Member Go with Him: Tell your friend or family member what style ring you like the best so that when he starts fishing around for hints from them, they will know exactly what to say.

Ask for a Surprise: Let him know what your favorite settings, color, cut and style are in passing. Then let him take the lead by telling him he has great taste and you’ll know he’ll choose something that is gorgeous. You may want to clue him in on rings you really don’t like, too, just in case.

Design It Together: If you want a custom-made ring, let him know before he proposes! Then you can come up with ring designs together and make it a couple’s project. Let him have a say, too, by getting his opinion and letting his suggestions play a part in the final design. 

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