5 Wedding Cake Alternatives

5 Wedding Cake Alternatives

Skipping out on the wedding cake might seem strange at first, but in reality not everyone loves cake. Wedding cakes are definitely the more traditional route. With the years changing so are the wedding trends. There are more alternatives to wedding cakes that will take your mind off of the thought of even wanting a cake! 

1. Cake Pop Wedding Cake

5 Wedding Cake Alternatives

Cake pops are the hottest trend. So many people are obsessed with these things! For those of you who haven’t had a cake pop yet, go immediately to the store and buy one! There is a thin icing layer that holds in all the moist and delicious cake interior. Looking at the picture above can be great inspiration to what your cake could look like!

2. Cup Cake Wedding Cake

5 Wedding Cake Alternatives

This is one of the most commonly used alternative to a wedding cake. There are tiered stands that you can place your cupcakes on to give a similar wedding cake look. This is a simple way to make sure all your guests get equal servings easily and efficiently. Another positives is now you can have a plethora of flavors that your guests can choose from!

3. A Cookie Buffet

5 Wedding Cake Alternatives

If you and your fiance are extreme cookie lovers this is the perfect dessert choice for you. There are so many fun ways of assorting  the cookies. You can also stack them as a tiered cake or you can lay them out on a buffet table. This is a great dessert idea because the possibilities for design are endless.

4. Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Who doesn’t love icecream? Setting up an assortment of toppings and ice cream flavors is an innovative way in having all your guests enjoy the wedding! When guests are involved in making their deserts they feel more at ease and it can even be a fun thing for the kids to do!

5. Donut Wedding Cake

5 Wedding Cake AlternativesThis may not be the healthiest alternative, but donuts are one of America’s favorite treats. They look fabulous when they are stacked together. You can decorate the donuts with various designs to make them pop!

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