50 Easy Wedding Ideas

50 Easy Wedding Ideas

50 Easy Wedding Ideas

1. Use mason jars as cups for the reception. It is not only cheaper, but very stylish!

2. Add some personality to your wedding, put fun games at the table.

3. Remember this is your wedding! Do things your way!

4. Put flowers everywhere! The more the merrier

5. Hand origami this a fun way to get your guests talking!

6. Have a candy or sundae table!

7. Have a wedding cake along with a cupcake tower, this way every guest has options!

8. If you are having an October wedding, use plastic vampire teeth as place cards. (Spray painting them a color really makes the pop).

9. Have a comment box so guests can leave you wedding feedback!

10. If your wedding is outdoors have a table full of sunglasses, it is not as expensive as you think. There are always online deals for buying in bulk.

11. Sparklers. For the grand exit sparklers are amazing! Rice actually hurts when it is thrown!

12. Make a DIY floral headpiece for your bridesmaids to wear.

13. Polaroid snap shots. This is expensive, but if you have the budget let guests take a selfie pic and post it on a polaroid picture wall!

14. Christmas ornaments make for good hanging center pieces

15. Make personalized koozies

16. Give each guest a throw away camera so they can photograph the reception. After they run out of film have them deposit it into a bin so you can develop the photos and post them.

17. Use lightbulbs as decor

18. Have your wedding in an air conditioned tent. This can potentially be less expensive than a venue

19. Get signs for the back of your seat and the grooms seat

20. Get a mini chalkboard for the reception tables

21. Bake cookies as name placeholders for the tables!

22. Decorate wooden bag clips, they are good picture holders, etc.

23. Floating candles in mason jars are the perfect touch for a southern wedding

24. Personalize the beverages! Some venues will make personalized drink specials for you and your guests, ask about it!

25. Have a wedding book for guests to sign

26. If you are a simple bride, instead of a bouquet use one large flower like a big peony.

27. Don’t use a DJ. Hire someone to be set up a sound system and make a wedding playlist on your iPod.

28. Make ring shaped ice cubes. Just buy a designed ice cube tray.

29. Serve mini champagne bottles

30. Put thank you cards at the tables instead of sending dozen thank you letter later

31. Hire someone who deals directly with your gifts

32. Break traditions and put a nice sign up so your guests know there is no “bride or groom” side.

33. Think about having animals at your wedding for the children

34. Instead of just serving cake, have a desert table for your guests

35. Have little snacks at the reception tables while guests wait for food (not everyone likes salad)

36. Make sure you emphasize your husband in the wedding! He is tying the knot too!

37. If you have the space for it put a small mini golf area so guests are entertained before the reception

38. Have an alcoholic beverage buffet so guests can serve themselves

39. Decorate the trash cans with flowers

40. Use painted buckets as goodie bags

41. Have small games that go on during the reception for your guests to win prizes

42. If you are having a backyard wedding tie a small deposit for guests to put their trash

43. Printed pencils are a very inexpensive party favor to give your guests

44. Paper Mache with lace are great decor pieces

45. For a beach wedding fill glass vases with sand and sea shells.

46. For the spontaneous bride: have henna tattoo paint available for guests to tattoo themselves

47. To add some personalization to the walls buy wall decals

48. Use rose petals as an aisle for the wedding ceremony

49. Have ring pops scattered throughout the wedding so your guests can have bling too!

50. Make up a dance for your first wedding dance!

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