6 Stunning Same Sex Engagement & Wedding Rings

Same Sex Wedding Bands

In lieu of last months historic Supreme Court’s ruling that every state can no longer ban same sex couples from marrying, which means gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states. We are just gushing over the thought that we will have more engagements and weddings to celebrate in the future and all we have to say about it is it’s about time! Most weddings are exciting, joyous occasion to celebrate our commitment to our partners, as well as share our joy with our families and friends. It is now been declared that all Americans are guaranteed the right to enter matrimony if they wish to do so, even if they are both men! Personally we find this to be an amazing historical breakthrough for our generation and for future generations to come!

Those of us who choose to get married love to follow the traditions of years past. One tradition that we are obviously obsessed over is engagement rings. Although each relationship is different, we found that when it comes to gay, straight, or lesbian weddings, engagement rings and wedding bands are far from being overlooked. Whether your into the bedazzled look or you two are more of the business type, there plenty of options out there for you and your honey. You can go with a wedding ring set or mix it up and make each ring unique to match you and your partner individually.

The 6 rings and ring sets below are only just the beginning, options are limitless when it comes to rings, honestly any ring is a same-sex wedding ring if a same-sex couple chooses them to be so. Many of these are created with same-sex couples in mind, even if you don’t find yourself wearing any of them remember there are millions of options. So if you’re not planning on taking the plunge any time soon there is no need to panic, with all the political progress going on in our country today, we are proud to say same sex marriage is now legal and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Tungsten Wedding Bands

1. Two Tungsten male wedding bands, similar style and look. Perfect for the business man or classy look. Tungsten has become one of the top trends in men’s wedding bands. Durable and tough this metal can be worn without the worry of wearing down with the overuse of his hands.

Vintage look wedding bands

2. If you and your sweetie are more into the vintage look, maybe these two gorgeous wedding bands are a perfect fit for you two! You have the option to bling it up with some diamonds or your favorite gems!

Rainbow Engagement Ring

3. This beautiful colorful rainbow ring comes in 14k White Gold and features 1.07ct in diamonds and gems! If you are the colorful power couple possibly adding color to your rings may not be such a bad idea!

Rainbow Wedding Bands

4. Matching rainbow stainless steel wedding bands, that features the Human Rights Campaign logo and equality inside the rings, each ring is unique with a technicolor finish that represents individuality.


Matching Wedding Bands

5. This wedding ring duo features 18k gold diamond rings in yellow and white gold. A hand-textured finish gives the rings a unique but classy look, you have the option to choose between white or yellow gold metals.


6.  Lush and natural but with a little bling these tree bark resemblance bands are both elegant and casual. The rustic look of the texture gives the rings a unique and one of a kind look that may just be perfect for you and your partner!

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