6 Unique and Unusual Wedding Bands

6 Unique and Unusual Wedding Bands

The wedding band signifies an everlasting love and devotion to your significant other. Depending on the couple the band doesn’t always have to be as traditional as your vows! A wedding band is supposed to represent who you both are together, it should represent your personality as one and give off the ambiance of romance. If you are a not-so-traditional couple then this post is the perfect place to start your research on a wedding band! If you have any engagement stories or proposal stories you would like to share and have published please feel free to shoot us an email at RLJ455@Gmail.com

leaf and diamond band

1. AnJayDesigns on Etsy.Com has this beatuiful non-traditional ring listed on their website. The ring has approximately 0.11ct’s of diamond. The Diamond color is G and the clarity ranges from VS/SI. This ring is simple and elegant, but will still catch someone’s eye because of how non traditional it is for a wedding band! The ring costs $695.00


2. This ring is obviously not a wedding band, but it is so peculiar we just had to mention it in our post. This Vampress Engagement Ring is sold at New York Bittersweets for $800 and can have any color gold or half a carat diamond of your choice.

wood inlay

3. For those of you who don’t have thousands or even hundreds to spend on a ring. This 8mm Wood Inlay Tungsten Wedding Band is only 69.95! The inlay is made from high quality wood! This makes for a great “Earthy” and inexpensive non-traditional wedding band!

finger print ring

4. There is nothing like these beautiful wedding bands on the market right now. In case you couldn’t tel those imprints on the rings are finger prints! This shows a never ending bond between the couple and is also a type of ring you just don’t see everyday. This ring runs for around $450.00 on Brent & Jess located on Etsy.Com

deborah pagani5. If you consider yourself a hipster or love bohemian style this ring is definetly for you. This Grey Diamond Ring was designed by Deborah Pagani and costs $1230. You can find this ring at Barneys. This ring is so completely out there that it draws you in and makes you want to know more about it! From the amazing metal details and the diamond accents you can’t help but love this ring!

aqua emerald

6. Created by Nak Armstrong, this Wide Band with Aqua Emeralds wedding band is definitely not following the traditional route. The large vintage styled emeralds give the ring an ancient vibrancy. We think this ring would look good on any groom and for his beautiful bride some smaller aqua emeralds mounted in an eternity band.

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