6 Wedding Trends of 2012 that We Love!

Remember the days when the thing to do at a wedding reception was to have a tasting station or use bold, bright jewel tones all over the reception space? Well, thankfully times have changed. From quirky to classy, here are the top six wedding trends of 2012.

1. Terrarium centerpieces

Want your wedding to really stand out? Instead of over-the-top flower arrangements and candelabras, opt for a beautiful terrarium centerpiece. Not only is this unique, but it’s a great conversation starter. These work best if you have a few together with a few blooms and a touch of greenery inside of each one. Fresh, elegant and one of a kind.

2. DJing a song at your own wedding

Step out of your comfort zone and put your own “spin” on the big day by giving the wedding band a break and DJing one of your songs! Take it to the next level and go up against your future hubby with a bride vs. groom turntable battle.

3. Raising the bar

2012’s drink of choice? Beer. More specifically, craft brews. Offer specialty beers on trays during cocktail hour – glassmakers are even designing specialized beer glass sets to respond to this trend.

4. Chic lounges

Ditch the typical round tables at your reception and swap them out for an assortment of table shapes and sizes. This will make the space much more eye catching and freshen things up a bit. Add in a few coffee tables, couches, and tall, sleep tables to give the room a lounge vibe while people sip on their cocktails.

5. Custom confections

Buttercream has got some competition these days. The opponent: flavored fondant. Yes, rumor has it that fondant isn’t exactly the best tasting thing to come out of the bakery, but with new flavors like melon, tutti-frutti and coffee mocha, your guests will be drooling for another slice of heaven.

6. Champagne coupe glasses

The iconic tall, narrow toasting flute is making a comeback, so you may want to consider renting coupe glasses for the champagne toast. It will add a touch of class to any reception, I must say. You can even have a pair of delicate coupe glasses on your cake table for your toast that you can also use on your anniversary for years to come.

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