60 Traditional Anniversary Gifts for Every Year of Marriage

60 Traditional Anniversary Gifts for Every Year of Marriage

Traditional Gifts for 60 Years of Marriage

Marriage is more than just love, its commitment, loyalty and sharing every moment of your life cherishing your significant other. One other thing that gets swept under the rug is the traditional anniversary gifts. Since the Holy Roman Empire anniversary presents have become a part of the marriage. Imagine not receiving anything from your husband/wife, definitely a big no-no.  The list consists of a traditional list and a non-traditional list, but lets be honest who really knows about this without checking their sources. The traditional list consists of items that can totally draw blanks on what to get. We have made it easier for you and compiled the official list of gifts for every anniversary year and creative ways in making the gifts say WOW.

Traditional List

1st Year: Paper

A great gift for this is to just write a nice note to your lover. It is the first year of marriage and you received tons of gifts over the year from the wedding. Why not keep it simple and express your feelings in a romantic and thoughtful way.

2nd Year: Cotton

Cotton is a tricky one because everything on earth is basically made of cotton; Look into the idea of cotton paper. You can have Mr. & Mrs. (enter last name here) embroidered and framed.

3rd Year: Leather

This one is easy peasy! Its been three years, time to up the budget for a gift. If you are buying for your husband get a nice wallet, for a woman obviously a new handbag or clutch women LOVE those kind of things!

4th Year: Flowers/Fruit 

Flowers and fruit are a very simplistic gift, but can be turned into a thoughtful masterpiece. Getting a fruit basket made that includes flowers, fruit, and some extra little necessities like bath bubblers or beauty products is nice!

5th Year: Wood

Year 5: WoodAlthough wood seems like a boring topic for a gift, it could also be romantic and exciting at the same time, you just have to think outside the box. Try taking a wood carving class with your wife/husband. You both could carve something creative for the anniversary!

6th Year: Candy/Iron

Now this is a gift you couldn’t mess up even if you tried! Candy, who doesn’t love candy? Like the flower and fruit idea you could get a mega basket of candy. Another suggestion is doing a poster that has a romantic message written out using the name brands of chocolates and candies. A nice iron gift could be a ring bent into a name of your loved one.

7th Year: Wool/Copper

Copper jewelry is becoming more predominant with every coming year. More jewelry designers are incorporating it into their pieces. You could get a beautiful copper cuff bracelet from a local jewelry store.

8th  Year: Pottery/Bronze

Pottery can be given as an anniversary gift in a plethora of ways. One of our favorite ways is going in to a crafty “paint your own” pottery store. These can be so much fun and you can have a wonderful bonding experience. If you have kids it could also be a real treat for them!

9th Year: Willow/Pottery

Have a picnic! We aren’t going to mention pottery again because you have the option of doing pottery in year 8. Willow is a hard gift to imagine what to get for someone, but a picnic in a willow basket can interpret the idea and make it thoughtful and unique. Pick a your favorite spot that you and your husband/wife shared an amazing moment at.

10th Year: Tin/Aluminum 

This year is one of my favorites. You can stick to the unique and thoughtful gift route, or you can change it up and get something made out of aluminum or tin. One of the main things used to make a boat is still aluminum. Obviously a boat is reenforced with stronger material, but a boat for a 10th year anniversary, you can’t beat it!

11th Year: Steel

Steel is a metal that is infamous for being a strong independent source. Steel is used all Steel for an Anniversary Giftover the world and can be put in a numerous amount of items. We would recommend all new kitchen appliances. Its been 11 years of marriage and now it is time to update the kitchen. Men, women, everyone loves new shiny bright things!

12th Year: Silk/Linen

The first thing that comes into our mind is beautiful silk pajamas or a bed spread. Obviously for an anniversary gift this wouldn’t be the number one gift a person would want to receive, but if you are sticking to the anniversary tradition make this at least one of the gifts you get!

13th Year: Lace 

What more amazing would a dress be? A stunning lace dress can be very pricy, but if you shop in the right areas you might be able to find a stunning number for a fraction of the price. We would recommend something beautiful and lacy. Another great idea is re-do your vows and where a lace wedding gown!

14th Year: Ivory 

Year 14: IvoryDo something out of the ordinary for year 14. Pick together all of the most amazing Ivory colored items and compile them into a nice basket. Ivory tiered cakes, soaps, candles, etc. The list can go on!

15th Year: Crystal

Ever heard of Swarovski crystal? The company used to be most well known for their beautiful miniature crystal sculptures. They now make timeless earrings and jewelry pieces that are VERY affordable. Do some research on this company for a nice crystal gift.

20th Year: China

China is usually something inherited, but if this isn’t the case for you buying a fine china is a necessity, this gift is pretty self explanatory.

25th Year: Silver

I know the first thing in our minds, Tiffany & Co. They have paved the ways for jewelers, made silver into a phenomenon. Definitely get something from this fabulous store!

30th Year: Pearl

30 years is a big deal, it is the year where you start realizing “wow we’ve made it a really long time” its when the gifts start getting more precious and the love starts really flowing! Depending on the nature of the pearl (is it fresh water, baroque…) it can be more or less expensive. Go to a local jewelry store and look at their products to make sure you find something gorgeous for your significant other.

35th Year: Coral

Besides being known for its beachiness, coral is also a semi-precious gemstone that is VERY much in trend. Coral is most widely known for being part of the victorian era where people would wear sculpted coral pieces. Now you can buy a beautiful carved piece as a gift.

40th Year: Ruby

Rubies are timeless pieces of time that can be set into a numerous type of settings. For the 40th year you want something that is classy, elegant and absolutely stunning. You can get you and your wife/husband a nice matching ring or necklace set!

45th Year: Sapphire 

Take after Kate Middleton and Princess Di, get a beautiful Sapphire ring. Just because sapphire is the only thing on the 45th year list doesn’t mean you can’t spritz it up with some diamonds!

50th Year: Gold

50 years. Wow, 50 years of marriage. This is the point where you look around and think Diamonds for an Anniversary Giftabout how blessed you are for having a beautiful family, watching your grand-kids grow up and taking in the over-all nature that this world has to offer. It is also the time of gold, gold is such a versatile gift, we say stick with jewelry.

60th Year: Diamond

Well this just goes without say, a diamond necklace earrings or ring! Anything made out of diamonds is a beautiful gift, but congratulations on making it to 60 great years!

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