7 Signs Your Man Wants to Get Engaged

7 Signs Your Man Wants to Get Engaged

If you have been in a monogamous relationship for quite some time with your significant other and you arent sure if he is planning to get engaged, then just look out for some tell all body language and signs that maybe he is just waiting for the right moment to pop the question!


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1)Future goals: First, if you have been dating for atleast a year and he hasn’t discussed any form of future goals with you then he probably isn’t a future oriented guy and wants to just take the relationship really slow. He doesn’t want to become overly committed just for the sake of things not working out.

2)If your guy wants you to meet his family and constantly brings you around them, he probably wants to become engaged! A man that is close to his family has family values and when he brings you into the picture that means he is comfortable enough to let you in on the biggest part of him.

3)Your boyfriend Starts Acting Weird: Sometimes when a man is weeks or days away from proposing you will notice he will start to act uninterested, not want to talk to you as much. He might start little arguments just because he is so stressed and nervous about something.  You know your boyfriend and hopefully future fiance the best, so if you find he is being fidgety about something it could potentially be a proposal.

4) Wants to Save: If your boyfriend all the sudden is more concerned about his financial assets, it is probably because he spent a large chunk of his money on a ring. It could also be because he wants to make sure he can financially support you if things should ever get to that point.

5) Acts as if he is Cheating: When men are hiding things from women they don’t act very sly about it. If you are in a secure loving relationship with your boyfriend and are almost 100% sure he hasn’t or isn’t cheating, but he starts hiding his phone and not letting you use his car, or staying out after work for some reasons he is probably out trying to find the perfect engagement ring! He is also planning the event on how he is going to propose!

6) Does he want you to Move in? Are the both of you currently living together? If not does he ever suggest you moving in together or maybe starting a family by adopting a pet? If he wants to make these long term commitments with you then he is making baby steps closer to a future with you

7) He Wants to Visit Your Parents: This is the number one most obvious thing a man can do to show he wants to become engaged to you. Proper etiquette for an engagement is for your boyfriend to ask your dad for your hand in marriage. So if a guy wants to spend more time with your family he probably wants to cozy them up to the idea of marriage.

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