8 Myths About Planning A Wedding

8 Myths About Planning A Wedding

It’s hard enough planning a wedding without all of the phony “rules” that accompany it. Here’s a list of the ones you can ignore.

Myth #1: Hiring friends is the same as hiring wedding vendors.

I don’t care how fantastic of a fashion or photojournalist your friend is – on your wedding day, you may not get the results you are looking for. An experienced photographer will know how to get a ton of different, fabulous shots (your first dance, exchanging vows, etc.) and also capture all of the fun your friends and family are having. This goes for other aspects of your wedding too; if you don’t think you can afford a vendor, just ask around for recommendations of lower budget professionals that have a similar style.

Myth #2: You have to wear a white dress.
A white dress isn’t ideal for every bride, so don’t feel like you absolutely have to wear one. Plenty of designers have created beautiful dresses in different colors (pink, blue, yellow, etc.) for those looking to be bold and add in some personality! You can even replace your veil with a hair clip, feathers, or flowers if you’re looking for something a little different.

Myth #3: If you went to their wedding, you have to invite them to yours.
It’s your day – invite who you want to. You absolutely should not feel like you have to invite someone just because you attended their wedding. If they are assuming they are invited, just explain to them you had to limit the guest list for budget reasons.

Myth #4: A wedding planner is too expensive.
It may seem like a wedding planner is pricy, but in the end they could have you save a ton by keeping you on track with your budget. They may even be able to get vendors that they have previously done business with to cut you a deal or give you a discount! Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Myth #5: DIY keeps you on budget
It may seem like DIY projects are the cheapest way to go, but don’t be fooled. All of those supplies you have to purchase to make those stationary flower arrangements really add up, especially if you plan on making invitations for your 100 guests! Do research before you take on any big projects just to make sure it’s really worth your while. If it’s not, just hire someone to do it for you. This could keep you from going crazy in the long run!

Myth #6: You have to have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen.
Just because he has an overload of friends and you like to just have a few really close friends doesn’t mean you need to go hire extras to stand at the altar with you. The important thing is that those who are close to you are part of your day. If he has a ton of groomsmen, split them up – make some ushers or something to even it up a bit. Either way, there is no rule that both sides need to have the same number of people.

Myth #7: A DJ will play too much cheesy music.
Yes, some people have hired some DJ that plays cheesy, outdated music at their wedding, but that’s probably just the result of lack of communication. All you need to do is chat with your DJ about what songs you love and which to avoid at all costs.

Myth #8: All wedding dresses are created equal.
There’s obviously a huge difference between a  $500 dress and a $5,000 dress. The pricy one with the fantastic fit, high-quality fabric, and loads of embellishments is created to make you look absolutely drop dead gorgeous. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find the perfect dress within your budget, though. In fact, a really good bridal salon consultant is there to suggest dresses that fit you and your price range.

Planning a wedding may be stressful, but now that you have these myths busted, you should feel a little more at ease on your big day!

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