8 Things To Know Before You Get Engaged

When you know, you know right? Well maybe not… your head over heels in love with your man, you day dream about your future together almost every second of the day, but is he really the ONE? If your having second thoughts on whether to make the commitment of a lifetime, we have put together some important factors to keep in mind before you go walking down the aisle. In all honesty who wants to gamble with the rest of their life right?


Lust vs. Love: If you have a great sex life, congratulations, but if there is no pillow talk after, its not love. There is a difference between love and lust. Be sure to be able to have a wonderful relationship outside of the bedroom as well as in. I can tell you that once the honeymoon phase wears off you wont be able to go running for the hills, marriage is work, something that you must invest your entire life into. Before you make the leap, be sure that your ready for the stuff outside of the bedroom first.


Life Goals: Hopefully by now you two have discussed your hopes and dreams, as well as your future life goals together as a couple. If not, its something that you may want to take into serious consideration. Your planning on spending the rest of your life with this person, your going to want to have some kind of idea how it may pan out. Career goals, as well as life goals are a must when it comes to relationships that last.


Political Views: This may not be an issue for some couples, however it can be a shocker with the Presidential Election comes around,you and your man can be on the opposite side of the poles. Depending on your views this can create a very stressful situation in which you and your man don’t see eye to eye. Just something to consider before tying the knot!


Family: If you haven’t met his family, and your thinking about marriage. Don’t. Unless he was apart of some weird cult in Wisconsin, or they are all dead, I would re think that move.


Children: Does he want kids? Do you want kids? This can be a major deal breaker if you aren’t seeing eye to eye on this subject. Something to consider is if he is good with kids or even if you’ve ever seen them with kids. Whats the point of marring someone and planning on having children with them, when you later discover they never wanted to. Be sure to discuss this subject before making any plans on getting engaged.


Living Habits: At this point you have surely slept at his place, and he yours, and many times at that I might add. Make sure there are no surprises after the honeymoon, hopefully he is clean helps out around the house and isn’t a complete closet slob. The best advise is to live with your man for a few months before the engagement to ensure his living habits are up to par with yours.


Faith: If you are one that practices religion, this may be an important factor for you especially when it comes to where you are married. Take into consideration that although it may be seen as taboo to talk about, it is something that may be not only important to you, but as well as your spouse.


Spending Habits: Is your soon to be hubby good with money? Do you know? If not that’s a huge thing to keep in mind, especially if you are joining all of your money together. Money can be a sticky subject to talk about, but better to talk about it now rather then after the wedding!

Remember to marry the person you want to grow old with! True love never dies!



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