8 Unique Wedding Traditions Celebrated Around The World


Many unique wedding traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, but what you may not have noticed is the cross cultural traditions that have been introduced through the union of marriage. Love is universal, however some wedding traditions are not custom to all cultures. In other countries getting married can vary from one extreme to the other. Just because some countries have a different perspective on marriage, doesn’t make it any less special then the others. There is no wrong way to celebrate tying the knot. We have researched some of the different wedding traditions that are practiced around the world, we found some to be fantastic ideas, and others that we wouldn’t want to celebrate ever. Which ones will you be incorporating into on your big day?

1. In the Philippines, it is an ancient Filipino tradition to have the bride and groom release two white doves into the wild. This symbolizes the union of there love, also to represent a long, peace and harmonious life together.

2. You may have been to a wedding where they thrown confetti up in the air as the newly weds exit the church. Well in Italy, the tradition is to not throw paper or rice, but rather sugary treats, candy or almonds. This is to ensure celebration for the couple!

<3 Love

3. In France, the tradition lies within the Croquembouche, which is a tower of cream-filled pastry puff that can be dipped in any number of sauces. This is the traditional wedding cake used in France, the croquembouche can be decorated with fruits, glazes, nuts, and flowers. The croquembouche makes a stunning centerpiece.

4. In Kenya, they have a tradition that we found not to be so romantic. As the bride and groom begin to make their way out of the village, the father of the bride is traditionally supposed to spit on his daughters head and chest. This is done to ward away any bad spirits that may be hanging around the bride on her big day. At least its done out of love.

Kenya Wedding Traditions Explained

5. All the way in Poland, they created a tradition that everyone just may love. This celebration invites the guests to purchase dances with the bride at her wedding reception. The money is collected by the maid of honor and is put towards the couples upcoming honeymoon fund. Talk about a great idea!

6. In Romania, the tradition is to have family members or friends kidnap the bride. Its known as a mock abduction game, that many play before the ceremony. The groom must pay ransom (aka pay for drinks at a bar, or a meal) before rescuing his bride to be!

Romania Wedding

7. Australia has a more subtle outlook on wedding traditions then other parts of the world. They celebrate a union with a unity bowl, where the guests are giving stones, and asked to hold then throughout the ceremony. At the end, the guests return the stones to a big bowl, where the couple will then place in their home later to remind them of their wedding day and all the love and support they have.

8. One of my favorite and most beautifully unique wedding traditions stems from all the way from India. Henna is a practice that women incorporate into weddings, it is colored dye that is drawn onto the brides hands and body creating a beautiful work of intricate artwork. This can take hours to execute but the outcome is absolutely stunning and timeless! Other women guests can also can get dyed up. The henna represents the joy, hope, and love of the wedding day. Ugh we love!

 Henna India Wedding Tradition

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