9 of the Most Expensive Engagement Rings

9 of the Most Expensive Engagement Rings

A typical girl is more than happy to have a 1 carat diamond for her engagement ring. However, the woman we have listed here are your typical girls. Check out these crazy, beautiful and extravagant engagement rings they received from their beaus!

  1. Beyonce’s engagement ring, given to her by her now hubby, Jay-Z, is one of the world’s most expensive and luxurious rings. It is accompanied by an 18 carat emerald cut diamond, worth an outrageous $5 million! It is rated “IF,” meaning it is flawless, and has an “E” color rating giving it a brilliant dazzle and shine. Designer Lorraine Schwartz had the diamond mounted in a thin platinum band which splits near the diamond.
  2. Paris Hilton’s engagement may have only lasted a mere five months, but her ring is definitely one to remember with its 24 carats of glory. The estimated worth of this diamond? $4.7 million!
  3. The third wife of Donald Trump, Melania Knauss, received a beautiful 15 carat emerald cut diamond when she was proposed to. This flawless ring (literally) is estimated to be worth about $3 million. What a lucky lady!
  4. The classy and beautiful former First Lady Jackie Kennedy received her 40 carats of diamonds engagement ring back in 1968. At the time it was worth $2.6 million – I wonder what a lavish ring like that would go for now?
  5. Catherine Zeta Jones’s ring was designed by Fred Leighton back in the 1920s. This 10 carat marquise cut of antique diamond ring is flawless with a “D” color rating. Coming in at an estimated $2 million dollars, I think Michael Douglas did his homework to find the right ring for his woman.
  6. Katie Holmes’ engagement ring from former hubby, Tom Cruise, contained a 5 carat Edwardian style oval shaped diamond set in a platinum rose gold band. That is quite unique, I must say. The diamond is a perfect “F” clarity with a “D” color rating and worth around $1.5 million.
  7. J Lo’s engagement ring from her former fiance, Ben Affleck, is worth over $1.2 million dollars. Designed by Harry Winston, this ring featured a 6.1 carat radiant-cut pink diamond.
  8. Prince Charles gave his lovely lady, Camilla Parker, an engagement ring worth $1 million. It came with an emerald-cut stone ad six diamond baguettes. Classy.
  9. Eva Longoria’s fiance, Tony Parker, decided to hire Jean Dousset, a French jeweler, to dreate a custom engagement ring. This ring cost him $500,000 with its 5 carat, emerald cut diamond with “FL” clarity and “D” color rating. The platinum band of the ring is covered in 248 tiny diamonds, adding even more flash to this outstanding ring.

Not everyone can afford extravagant engagement rings like these. However, with patience and the right jeweler, you will no doubt find a gorgeous ring that fits your budget!

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