9 Ways to Get Your Wedding Guests Mingling

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The wedding was beautiful, you look great in your dazzling new diamond wedding ring, and you were able to pull everything off perfectly. But now it’s time for the reception and it seems like although you and your man are finally joined together, your guests don’t seem too interested in being social and mingling. Here’s how you can get things going with our…

9 Ways to Get Your Wedding Guests Mingling

  1. Give your guests a “Badge of Honor” with their relationship to you or a funny nickname to spark up a conversation.
  2. Put guests into teams and start a get-to-know-you pub quiz with question about youyou’re your man while they sip their cocktails.
  3. Keep everyone moving by placing the drinks reception, dining area and dance floor in different parts of your venue. This keeps everyone from settling in one spot, forcing them to interact with other people.
  4. When you’re putting together your table plan, be sure to seat people with common interests or age groups together so they’ll have plenty to talk about and bond over.
  5. Use laminated funny photographs of your guests as placemats. It’s hard not to story-swap with these staring at them as they eat!
  6. If you can, opt for round tables for circular seating. Then people can chat as a group instead of being limited to conversing with the person sitting right next to them.
  7. Who doesn’t love an ice-breaking game of trivia?
  8. “Good thing I brought my library card, ‘cause I’m checking you out.”  Put a super corny pick up line under each guest’s side plate and have them share them between courses.
  9. Line-dancing is probably the best way to get guests interacting and having a great time. But, please, let’s leave the funky chicken out of it!

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