A Diamond Color That Will Represent Your Bride

Becoming engaged means the start of a lifetime commitment, the beginning of a family and a symbol of love that will last forever. Before you make your final decision of the right ring to present to your girlfriend, you may want to know the difference of all of the different colored diamonds there are. This way you know exactly what you are saying with the ring you choose.

The Pink Diamond: Creativity

One of the world’s rarest diamonds is the pink diamond, making it pretty expensive. Some pink diamonds have been known to be sold for as much as seven million dollars. Pink diamonds are said to promote creative expression, making it perfect for a woman who is in the arts – a writer, dancer or a singer. No wonder celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey have worn these rocks on their hands.

The Yellow Diamond: Thoughtful and Considerate

You know that your bride is the kindest, most considerate person you have ever come across, so how do you show that through her diamond? The perfect choice: the yellow diamond. However, you may also want to consider a blue diamond, which promotes peace and serenity in communication.

The Red Diamond: Strength and Stability

For a woman who represents stability and strength in your life, consider a red diamond. It is also supposed to be a huge stress-reliever, which could potentially be helpful in your new life together. You may even need it to get through those “quirks” that you used to find cute when you first started dating!

It makes a powerful statement when you select a diamond that goes with your bride’s personality. You love your honey and everything last thing that embodies her; by choosing a diamond that represents her, she will be sure to treasure it as a symbol of your love.

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