A Diamond Shape for Every Woman

As you shop around for a diamond engagement ring to present to your girlfriend as you ask her to marry you, you will probably realize that you really don’t know the difference between Asschers and cushions. We are here to help you in your pursuit of the perfect engagement ring. There are 10 basic shapes to choose from, but these five are the most popular among the group. Go ahead and read through each one so that you can determine which shape will suit your bride-to-be.

A Diamond Shape for Every Woman

Round is for the Classic Girl:
Often referred to as brilliant, round diamonds are definitely the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings. They have 58 facets, which cause light to bounce from the bottom of the diamond back through the top, making it sparkle like no other. The shape is timeless and versatile, looking clean and modern in simple settings.

Princess is for the Trendy Girl:
This cut is flirty and fun, with more facets, which give it more sparkle. The extra facets add brilliance and make flaws less noticeable. Princess diamonds are also one of the least expensive diamond shapes to create.

Emerald is for the Glamour Girl:
This is a rectangular cut with long, lean facets that extend down the sides. Because of its large table, the rock’s clarity is shown off better than any other shape. The emerald cut may not be as brilliant as others, but it is incredibly elegant.

Asscher is for the Vintage Girl:
The Asscher is almost identical to the emerald cut, but it’s actually a square shape. It has a 1920s art deco feel to it, making it incredibly striking and dramatic. It has a thick, almost chunky profile, clipped corners and stepped sides. This shape was popular in the 1930s and has recently come back into style because of the antique and vintage trends.

Cushion is for the Romantic Girl:
This cut is for the fashionable girl who knows exactly what she wants. It’s also known as a pillow cut and has cushions that look like a rectangle with rounded corners and have larger facets to increase their sparkle. This shape is very romantic and elegant and perfect for those who care about clarity.

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