A Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands

Titanium Wedding BandYou never really hear about how much of a task it is to find a wedding ring for your man, but this mind set leads to a lack of preparation and confusion when it comes to making decisions about the ring. Before you go shopping for a wedding band for your band, here are a few things you should know to simplify the process.

A Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands

Traditional vs. Modern

The first thing you should consider when you shop for a wedding band is whether he will prefer a traditional ring or something a little more unconventional. For a man who likes a classic look, you may want to stick with a plain band made with a customary metal such as yellow gold, white gold, sliver or platinum. For something that is unique, materials such as titanium, tungsten or ceramic would be a great option. You may even want to consider adding gemstones or other decorative details.

Wear and Tear

When searching for a wedding band, you need to consider the durability and ease of maintenance on your list of concerns. Some men may be perfectly fine with a moderately durable metal if they have relatively low-impact jobs and hobbies. However, other men need a ring that will withstand harsh conditions. Traditional metals such as gold and platinum are scratched easily, and silver requires some maintenance every now and then because it can tarnish. Titanium is incredibly durable and lightweight, but it doesn’t offer the same shine as other metals. Tungsten is also a good choice for a ring that will last a lifetime. It will resist scratches and tarnish, but it’s heavier than other options. Some men prefer ceramic though, since it has a bit of shine, is lightweight and doesn’t tend to get scratched.


Cost is a big factor when buying a wedding band. The average cost of a man’s wedding ring is about $600, with a range anywhere from $100 to several thousand dollars – it all depends on the style and metal you choose. Plain bands that are made out of titanium and tungsten are usually at the lower end of the price range, while platinum rings and those with diamonds and gemstones can add up to more than $3,000. A general rule of thumb is that the more decorative details on the ring, the higher the price gets. If budget is your main concern, you may want to stick with a solid ring in the metal of your choice.

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