A Lesson in the 4 Cs of Diamonds

Now that you’ve decided you want to ask the love of your life to marry you, it’s time for the next big step: the ring! Before you go and buy the shiniest ring in the display case, though, it’s important to know exactly how to shop for the best diamond. No worries, we’re here to give  you a lesson in the 4 Cs to make sure you know when you’ve found the perfect ring for your bride-to-be.

A Lesson in the 4 Cs of Diamonds

Cut: This describes the finish, proportion and polish of the diamond. The cut will determine the fire and brilliance of a diamond.

Clarity: Clarity describes the clearness or purity of a diamond. A grade is assigned to each diamond, with “F” representing a flawless diamond to “I” meaning that the diamond has inclusions. There are different grades in between in which most diamonds can be found. Diamond buyers will sometimes choose a gem with some inclusions because in many cases they aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Color – Diamonds receive a grade for the amount of color they contain from white to yellow. People who buy diamonds typically prefer colorless to near colorless diamonds, with diamonds graded J, K, and L. These have the best value while still being absolutely stunning.

Carat – Carat is the weight of the diamond, with one carat equaling .20 grams. The more carats, the pricier the diamond.

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