Adorable Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding


When it comes to your wedding day, certain guests may not make the cut. One guest that surely should be there is your favorite tail-wagging, four-legged, happy faced member of the family. He could be your best friend or your first child, however you think of your beloved pet, we all know your wedding wouldn’t be complete without your four-legged family member. You wouldn’t dream of not inviting your father, so why wouldn’t you invite the most loving tender and loyal creature you know? Personally I wouldn’t have it any other way! My dogs are the most important thing in the world to me, so to celebrate my wedding without them would be an utter nightmare! Honestly it just wouldn’t be a special day without your favorite member of the family there to cheer or should we say bark you on! Here are our favorite adorable ways to incorporate your pet into your big day.

Cute Cat in a Tuxedo

With the rate of pet owners increasing each year, many venues are now accepting pets as guests during wedding receptions. Venues are reducing complications to allow you to include your pet in your celebration. Whether you want to have your dog escorting you down the aisle or have him set up at the photo booth, there are so many options to incorporate them into your day. Many couples are having their pets participate by means of a flower girl or ring bearer. This way your pet can steel the show, only if your willing to share the spotlight of coarse. With a vast number of DIY ideas online there are so many ways to make your pet the bell of the ball. Adding a pillow on your pets back or a floral bouquet to their collar could be the perfect additive for the ceremony. If you are loving this idea just as much as we are, maybe use fake rings (have a groomsman hold onto the real rings) so that the real rings don’t get damaged or lost.

Maybe your pet doesn’t do so well in crowds, you can incorporate them into your engagement and wedding photos. This is the best way to have the best of both world, show off your pet and have them included in the wedding photos. Another option is to have your pet hang out while you and the bridal party are getting ready. This way you will be able to have him involved in the getting ready process as well as in the photos. This also guarantees that your dog is featured in the professional photos, which will prove his presence at the wedding that will be remembered for years to come.

Donkey Wedding!

Many places of worship do not allow pets inside the venue. In cases like this have a family member or friend bring him to the reception, that way he is free to run around and play. If your reception is being held outside, this can be the perfect photo opportunity to snap any photos of children playing with your pet. One of my favorite moments ever was seeing my nephew and niece run around in their best dressed clothes playing with my brothers dog Mia, it made my heart so happy and ended up with the best photos! I can only hope this will happen on my big day! Cheers to our four-legged friends and may they forever be involved in our big days!


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