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Have you ever attended a wedding where someones child fell asleep during the vows, or even worse made a scene during the ceremony? There are those rare cases in which a child can create mayhem due to missing his nap earlier that day. Most weddings the bride will choose to have a niece, nephew, cousin or family friend participate in the wedding party as a flower girl or even ring barer. However they may be adorable, not all brides will choose to include them in there special day. There are many modern day weddings in which the bride and groom will opt to have an adult only wedding. But when it comes to asking your guests gracefully to please leave there little ones behind, the word “awkward” comes to mind. So how can you ask without offending anyone and still get your dream day? We have got the best tips for you on how to handle this sticky situation if you choose to ask Adults Only, Please….

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Keep in mind that there are right ways to respectfully decline the absence of children and there is a wrong way to do so as well. The best way to handle it is to be prepared.  The best way to approach this situation is to first do it with clear intention and grace. Our advice is to put it in writing, include it in your wedding invitations that it is an “adults only” wedding, or even a subtle “21 or order only celebration”. Keep it in a small, simple font, big enough not to be missed, but not big enough to be blunt. You could also add humor to the situation, but be sure your wedding guests will understand the humor, for example you could say “Ceremony and reception intended for mature audiences only” or “No one under 17 admitted”. You could also add “Due to limited venue space, Adults only please”. This will also help cut costs for your budget with the savings on dining and drinks. Another clever idea is to create tickets to your big day and include them in the invitations. No ticket no entry, (unless approved by the hosts).

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The way not to go about asking guests not to bring their children is hoping and praying kids won’t come. If people don’t know, they will bring their kids, and they will. Without a subtle note or clear statement of adults only, people will always assume children are included in the invitation. Remember to state this request with respect and dignity. Most aren’t going to be too thrilled that there “minnie me’s” aren’t invited to your big day. If you state on your invitations “Please no children allowed”, that blunt and bold request may not go over to well with your guests that are parents. It’s just too harsh, instead focus on a positive statement where they will get a night off of parenting and enjoy a romantic night celebrating your love.


Last thing to keep in mind is how to handle the back lash if any comes your way. One way to approach the situation is through email, nicely state that you have chosen to include persons that are 21 or older and wish to keep the guest list to a minimum. Keep it short, firm and to the point. If this is a problem for you have your mother or maid of honor call them and remind them of your wishes.  Remember that this is your wedding day, you are captain in commander and if you don’t wish to have children in attendance of your wedding day then you should be able to have it the way you see fit.  End of story. No if’s and’s or but’s about it. This doesn’t mean you hate kids, just means you want to have your day without any distractions.

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