Alternative Ceremonies for Second Weddings

<3 Love When it comes to your wedding, a lot of work goes into making it special and memorable. If you’re like the millions of other women who are getting married for the second time, or perhaps the third, you may want to go ahead and skip some of the over the top expenses that go into your big day. Most people after getting married more than once just wanna get down to the point of becoming husband and wife. In most cases, you could say that the pressure is light because there really isn’t a traditional way on how a second wedding should go.  Today many remarriages, feature couples who often overlook certain customary segments of the traditional wedding, such as having a bridal party or getting escorted down the aisle from your father. In any case what it really comes down to is the couple and what they want to do for their non traditional union in matrimony. Being that each wedding is unique, it really depends on the personalities of the bride and groom, however when it comes to remarriages most of them are short and sweet. This does not mean your second wedding has to small by any means, its really up to you how you want your big day to go. However we have some amazing tips on how to make your second wedding just as special as your first!

Love only grows with ageLocation Location Location!

If you are one who loves to travel, or just wants to make your wedding small and special, perhaps have your wedding held as a undisclosed location only available to your close family and friends. This ensures a unique and memorable experience not only for you but for your guests as well. This can also save you some money in the bank by combining your ceremony and your honeymoon in the same location! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Backyard Weddings! Children

Many remarried couples have children ether grown or still young from previous marriages. The best way to show them your love is to incorporate them into your ceremony! There are many ways to include them into your wedding, depending on their age, you can have them be a bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girl, ring barer, or even the one who is officiating the marriage! Today many couples are taking advantage of it as an opportunity to have a friend or loved one marry them as opposed to a traditional officiant.

Second times a charmSurprise

Some may find this taboo, but shock everyone and throw a surprise wedding! This is a great alternative if you’re looking for a truly special celebration. The best way to go about a surprise wedding is to pick a date and venue, then send out invites that require all guests to attend a party for some other occasion. For example a birthday party, or housewarming event. But in reality they will all be in shock when they show up to your wedding! Not only will your friends and family be stunned but this gives the couple the choice to have an open dress code as well as gifts not required.

<3 ELOPEElope

Many couples for their second wedding find that eloping is the best option. You can save money and enjoy your vacation without the stress of colors, flowers, or even bridezilla making a her big debut.

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