Alternatives to the Traditional Diamond Engagement Ring

Ladies, it’s time to move on from your everyday, traditional diamond solitaire engagement rings with a platinum setting. Why not switch it up and try something a little…different? Stand out with an alternative style engagement ring with a hint of the classic style to make your mother-in-law happy. Pick and choose different characteristics and combine them for something unique and gorgeous!  Read more about:

Alternatives to the Traditional Diamond Engagement Ring

How about a gem that isn’t a diamond? Just because it’s an engagement ring doesn’t mean it has to be holding a diamond – other gems are just as beautiful. Sapphires are a great choice and are very durable so they are safe for everyday wear. Or, you could choose the gem that represents your birth month. Just keep in mind that some are more durable than others so you should choose based on your lifestyle.

Choose an alternative shape. The typical diamond cuts for an engagement ring are either round or princess cut, but there are so many other cuts that are exquisite rather than ordinary. Maybe you should consider a cut such as oval, marquise, or pear shaped. Any of these cuts for a larger diamond would be absolutely stunning when paired with a simple and delicate band.

Choose a contemporary engagement ring setting. A modern flair to your engagement ring is the perfect way to steer clear of tradition. You could try a bezel-set gem, when the gem is bordered by metal, or a matte, brushed or hammered finish rather than a polished look. This year, rose gold has been increasingly popular among trendy brides because of it’s unique, vintage finish.

Ditch the feature center gemstone. You don’t have to have a large gem centered on your metal band in order to consider your engagement ring exquisite. Many brides are opting for an eternity band that features gemstones all the way around the band to represent the love and compassion between she and her groom. These can even be layered with other rings to really stand out. Some of the most exquisite rings do not feature a large center gemstone.

Use something old to create something new. Use a special diamond or gemstone from a family heirloom to create a ring that not only represents your style, but speaks to your family history as well. This is a deeply romantic and unique way to express your love through an engagement ring.

Design a custom engagement ring. If nothing is really sparking your interest, why not just start from scratch? Take your inspiration from anywhere you’d like to create your engagement ring to represent your commitment to your man. This way, you are designing something that is your personal view of perfection.

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