Amazing Proposal Ideas for Fall

Autumn Proposal Ideas

With yet another season of autumn just around the corner, a beautiful time of the year when the leaves begin to change and great things are bound to happen. Why not plan an amazing occasion for you and your partner one in which you incorporate your proposal? Great idea you say? We were thinking the same thing! From a simple hike up the Rocky mountains, or a horseback ride through the valley, to a romantic hot air balloon ride, we have the perfect ideas for those of you who are planning on popping the question this fall! There is no better way to show your love with a well thought out proposal and why not do it during the best time of the year! Here is some amazing proposal ideas for fall.


With autumn comes change, it brings about colder temperatures, colors in the leaves, and that brisk air that seems to bring everyone together. With all of the change that seems to be following you around, it may push you to take that leap and dive into a proposal. Depending on where you reside, you may get the full force of fall with the changing of the leaves and everything that comes along with it. For those of you who only get 2 seasons, hot and cold, maybe a destination proposal will be the perfect idea for you and your beau. With all of the vibrant colors of the fall leaves, this will make for the perfect background for engagement photos. The proposal should always be thought out, and planned thoroughly. A simple picnic at the end of your hike would could be a great option for you. If you are an outdoorsy couple and love to be surrounded by nature, the act of getting down on one knee in the amazing wonders of the forest is a romantic, secluded, and beautiful gesture of your love. Take a look at all the foliage, push barriers in the cool weather, cuddle up at the top of a mountain together and pop the question, she’d be crazy to turn you down!

Beautiful Fall Ideas

Another idea we have is for those of you girls who just simply cant part with there wine. A vineyard is a gorgeous place to be during the fall, and not to mention for a proposal. A long walk through the vineyard with a picnic table set up at the end, with a plate filled with cheese, a bottle of her favorite wine, and the ring to top it off, would be absolutely breathtaking. If you are loving this idea just as much as we are, just wait it gets even better! Some vineyards offer personalized bottles that you can take home for your very own. Perfect to save for an anniversary or even your wedding night!

fall Engagement Ideas

  If you are really into Halloween we have got the perfect plan (although it may be cheesy we love it!). Carve a pumpkin or multiple pumpkins with a personalized message for your boo, or create your own haunted house and playfully surprise them with the big question. This would be great for any of you couples who get really into Halloween or just love carving pumpkins! Its one of my favorite fall traditions!

Fall Proposals are so cute

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