Amazing Wedding Gift Ideas

Being invited to a wedding is an exciting feeling, but then comes the anxiety of buying the perfect gift. If you are the type of person that rarely goes to weddings unless it is immediate family or good friends then you probably are on the fence of what is considered “acceptable” as a gift. The main thing to remember is that you were invited to their wedding! You are being treated like a true guest of honor because lets be honest it is not cheap to host an event! The budget should only come in to play if you really don’t have the finances to overspend. Being able to find a thoughtful gift at a fraction of the price is completely possible! Most couples will register at various stores so that you have more of a guideline for gift giving.

Craft Wood

If you are a crafty person go to your local art store like Michael’s for example. Here you can find an assortment of wooden chests, containers, boxes, etc. Painting and adding cool designs to this makes for a great gift because not only will the craftiness show you put in a lot of thought and care, but it is so unique that the couple will want to use it forever!


Lets say you are more of the spiritual type that wants the couple to know how eternal love is. Make your own or buy a terrarium! This is a moss plant that lives for a VERY long time. It takes little to no work to take care of. Just mist the plant once every two weeks and keep out of direct sunlight. On certain websites like you can find a premade terrarium that has a couple growing old in the middle of the moss!

Apartment Gifts

Apartment gifts are also really good gifts! Most of the time couples wait to move in together until the leap to marriage. It definitely takes a load off when you buy cute things for an apartment. A good example could be artwork, funny coffee table books, an appliance or even something silly like nontraditional furniture like a huge beanie bag! Depending on your friend or family these gifts vary. Try and remember something that you know they would love as a couple.


Does the couple that invited you to their wedding drink? A lot of the times when couples love to go out and have a good time they appreciate a nice wine as a gift. If you really want to think outside of the box why not get a mini distillery! This can be a fun project that the couple does together! If you think a distillery is too strong of a gift they have ale makers also! This could be a great bonding mechanism, plus they might even give you a drink or two.

Hopefully these gifts could be of some type of help to you! Always remember that no matter what you give the happy couple they will always appreciate your support and love! I cannot stress enough how your thought in a gift should be the most important element in deciding what to purchase.


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